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Chuck Fodder

Chuck: Chuck Versus the Helicopter

helicopter.jpgOne week in and our man Chuck may have a way out. Um... didn't they see the ratings last week?

Casey is working at the Buy Now and Sarah is posing as Chuck's girlfriend as well as a new employee of Weinerlicious. I would tell you to insert your own jokes here, but I'm not even sure which of those is the funniest.

This week, Chuck indirectly meets Dr. Jonas Zarnow, who may be able to extract the secrets from his brain. When said doctor appears to get blown up, Chuck begins to question who the culprit is: Casey or Sarah. Here are the talking points...

• She's cute, but wouldn't the flashbacks of Sarah killing people scare the crap out of you?
• Did I hear something about Oceanic flight 815 in Chuck's test results ramblings?
• Apparently extracting secrets from the brain is such a specialty that only one doctor in the history of medicine has ever studied it. Otherwise, why would they care if the guy died?
• Why are Casey and Sarah working together, but also against each other?
• How many Nerd Herd cars does Chuck get to wreck before he gets fired?
• Are the pencils in Chuck's pocket part of his shirt? They never move!
• Did Sarah know that Bryce stole Chuck's ex?
• Good way to get kill a souffle: burn it, put it out in the bathtub and, for good measure, step on it with a shoe.
• Chuck's hair was geek-chic at Bryce's funeral. Did he recently have a low-flow shower head installed?

The doctor was alive, well and doing that voodoo that he do so well... he was selling secrets, and was interested in upping his inventory via Chuck's brain. So why did he need to fake his own death?

Once again, Chuck's nerd knowledge saved the day; this time his inner game geek helped him land a helicopter. Oh yeah -- like the one in the title. The episode was fun, but didn't quite pack the excitement of the pilot. Maybe I just need more of those nerd ninja skills to come out. -- Rachel Cericola

Photo: © 2007 NBC/Paul Drinkwater

Posted by Rachel Cericola on October 1, 2007 8:55 PM
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