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Chuck Fodder

Chuck: Chuck Versus The Sandworm

sandworm.jpg We see a young man being chased by an authority figure. The young man manages to get away.

Big Mike informs Chuck that someone from Corporate is coming to interview him and Tang about the assistant manager position.

Chuck comes home to find Ellie decorating for a Halloween party. Awesome reveals his "Adam" Halloween costume. Big Mike calls Chuck and asks him to find Morgan who is missing from work.

Chuck finds Morgan at the arcade. He intersects the young man who escaped at the beginning. The man runs away.

Chuck comes home to find Sarah waiting in his room. They talk about the young man, whose name is Laszlo. They listen to some music as the sexual tension fills the room. She shows him a fake picture of the two of them at a Comic book convention. She is wearing a Princess Leia costume in the picture.

Casey walks into the break room and tells Chuck he is upset that he went to Sarah first about Laszlo.

Chucks catches Morgan in the middle of some inappropriate behavior with a video camera. He tells Morgan to grow up.

Casey gets an update from the General that Laszlo is a genius working for the government. He is asked to retrieve him.

On his way to the car, Chuck gets stopped by Laszlo at gun point. The two struggle until Chuck discovers the gun is a water gun. Laszlo asks for help, but first wants some pancakes.

Chuck and Laszlo are at a diner. Laszlo tells Chuck that he was held against his will.

Awesome gives Morgan some "mature" tips. He forces Morgan to tuck in his shirt.

Back at the diner, Laszlo tells Chuck how he was recruited by the government. He also tells him not to trust his handlers. (Sarah and Casey) Laszlo give Chuck a drawing on a napkin.

Chuck searches his house and finds several bugs. (of the electronic listen to what you say type)

Chuck is angry with Casey. He tells him he feels violated. He also mentions that he contacted Laszlo. Casey says that Chuck and Morgan talked about sandwiches for four hours.

The government agent from the first scene visits Sarah at the hotdog shop.

Chuck finds Laszlo in his room. He tells Laszlo that Sarah and Casey can help. Laszlo asks Chuck for a place to hide.

The government agent tells Sarah that Laszlo is dangerous, and that he wants to make a bomb.

Chuck and Laszlo are at Buy More watching movies. Chuck gets all call from Sarah but Laszlo tells him to ignore it. He then disables the tracking device in Chuck's watch. Chuck gets suspicious when Laszlo starts manipulating nuclear weapons through the TV. Sarah calls him and tells him to hide in his car.

When Chuck gets to his car, Laszlo is waiting inside. The three agents show up and Laszlo gets upset. He presses a few buttons and a steering wheel comes out on the passenger side. A car chase ensues.

During the car chase, Laszlo pushes a button and the door on Chuck's side pops out. Then Chuck flies out still in the car seat. Laszlo gets away.

Sarah finds Chuck as he's getting ready for his job interview. He feels bad about what happened with Laszlo. Sarah tries to cheer him up.

Morgan walks into Buy More looking slick and dressed up. He snubs everyone and acts like an arrogant bastard in general.

After a brief encounter with Tang, Chuck accidentally intersects the napkin drawing Laszlo gave him. It's a location at the Santa Monica pier. Chuck calls Sarah who tells him that they found the GPS of his car in Santa Monica. Chuck tells Sarah that Laszlo is going to blow up the arcade nearby where he was first recruited.

On his way out, Chuck is stopped by Big Mike who reminds him of his job interview. Chuck tells him that there are more important things in life than Buy More.

After Chuck leaves, the corporate interviewer calls out his name. He asks Morgan where Chuck is. Tang is licking his chops at the promotion and Morgan puts him in his place.

Morgan walks into the interview room and wants to do the interview on Chuck's behalf. He gives a glowing speech, but the interviewer informs him that Tang is the new assistant manager.

Chuck is looking for Laszlo and finds him at the beach. Laszlo activated the Nerd Herder's self destruct. Chuck wants to deactivate the bomb and Laszlo tells him to cut the red wire. But Laszlo trips up on a movie reference and Chuck cuts the green wire instead because he believes Laszlo is lying. He is correct and the bomb is disarmed. Casey and Sarah arrest Laszlo.

Chuck arrives at the Buy More to see the sad atmosphere over Tang's promotion. Tang approaches Chuck, but he is ignored. Anna tells Chuck about what Morgan did.

Chuck rushes to the Halloween party and finds Morgan. The two share a moment and then put on a huge Sandworm costume. (Like the worm from the movie Dune. It's a two man costume) Ellie asks Chuck how the interview went and he tells her that he didn't go. Sarah appears in a Princess Leia outfit and covers for him.

In Chuck's room, Sarah takes a picture of Chuck and herself. Morgan comes and the pair start talking about sandwiches. Casey, who is listening in from his apartment has a painful expression on his face.


More Chuck Versus The Sandworm content coming soon including opinions, questions and more fun "Chuck" stuff.

To watch the whole episode visit the NBC website.

Posted by Ozzy on October 30, 2007 7:34 AM
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