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Chuck Fodder

Chuck: Chuck Versus the Wookie

wookie.jpgWe find Chuck, Sarah, Ellie, Morgan, and Awesome playing a board game at the Bartowksi residence. During the game it is discovered that Morgan's childhood nick name was Organ. Sarah is shocked to learn that Chuck hates Bryce Larkin. Afterwards outside, Sarah lies to Chuck about her status with Larkin, with whom she had a sexual relationship in the past. In Sarah's apartment, an unknown assailant shows up and they fight. The assailant is DEA agent Karina, and she makes quite the debut. There is an interesting moment at the end of this sequence when Karina, instead of reaching for the gun on the floor, saves Sarah's gold fish. It is not clear why this happened. Karina asks Sarah to help her steal a diamond. The next day at Casey's place, General Beckman and Director Graham tell Casey, Sarah, and Chuck to steal the diamond. It is currently in the possession of one Peyman Alahi, who is a financier of an opium cartel. They are also told to work with Karina, but not to trust her. Outside, Morgan meets Karina and attempts to put the moves on her. At Buy More, Morgan pleads with Chuck to set him up on a date with Karina. Chuck in turn asks Sarah, fully expecting her to say no. She surprises him by saying yes. The four double date that night and Chuck notices Sarah picking off the green olives from her pizza. While trying to sleep, Chuck gets a call from Karina posing as a customer with computer troubles. By chance, Chuck is the Nerd Herder on call, and he drives over to Karina's hotel. He is stunned to find out it's her, but is quickly seduced. Nothing happens, but Karina tells Chuck that Larkin was Sarah's boyfriend. At the hot dog shop the next day, Sarah tells Chuck its "complicated" when he asks her about her relationship with Larkin. Chuck, Sarah, and Karina go to Peyman's house. There is a big party, and the trio sneaks into the house to get a closer look at the diamond. Peyman catches them in the act, but is distracted by Sarah, while Chuck and Karina steal the diamond. The three then run away. At the beach near by, Karina asks Chuck to give her the diamond. Sarah begs him not to, but Chuck is still upset and doesn't listen. He gives Karina the diamond and she leaves them both, while she gets away on a jet ski. Sarah can't go after Karina because she has to work, so Casey volunteers to find Karina. He puts a trace on her cell phone. Morgan and Casey show up separately at Karina's hotel. When Karina sees Casey, she kisses Morgan and slips the diamond into his bag. She then pushes him into the elevator and tells him it won't work. The doors close and Morgan doesn't see Casey. Casey takes Karina to her room. Karina uses her seduction skills, (again) and takes her clothes off. (again) Sarah comes to Karina's room, only to find Casey tied to the bed in his underwear. Chuck finds the diamond in Morgan's bag and calls Sarah. She is being held at gun point by Peyman and his henchmen. Karina comes to get the diamond from Chuck, but he convinces her to help him rescue Sarah. Chuck and Karina show up and the two ladies kung fu their way to victory. Outside Chuck's place, Karina says her goodbyes. She and Sarah hug like old friends. Karina hits on Chuck some more, and secretly tells him that Sarah wants him. The end has Chuck and Sarah at her apartment. Chuck says he brought a veggie pizza with no olives. He then asks Sarah to tell him her real name. He even asks what her middle name is. When he is out of ear shot she whispers, "Lisa".

The Good
-Great comedic timing. There was one spot near the end, when Peyman asks to see the diamond and Chuck holds it up just as Karina says "maybe".

-The romance between Sarah and Chuck is being written very well. We can all hope that the writers won't make the mistakes Smallville made.

The Bad
-The character of Karina was too dominating. She was the focus of the entire show, and I personally would much rather see the regular cast play a bigger role.

-A little too much Karate in this episode. At times it appeared more like filler than relevant story content.

-"Chuck, how are you supposed to get any female friction action with him third wheeling you all the time".

Lester talking about Morgan.

-"She is too good for this store".

Lester talking about Karina.

Please leave a comment if you know the answer to any of these questions.

1. What board game is being played at the beginning?
2. What language are Sarah and Karina speaking before the fight scene at the end?
3. There is a box with the name King Edward written on it behind Chuck's bed. What could it be?

Photo: © 2007 NBC/Dean Hendler

Posted by Rachel Cericola on October 15, 2007 7:33 PM
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