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Caprica Fodder

Caprica: Key Points for "There is Another Sky"

Wow! If I was enjoying the world of Caprica before this week (like a great scifi novel), then you could say I was absolutely wallowing in it this week! Now that the main story arcs of the pilot are starting to close up or branch into new areas, the writers have the breathing room to explore the initial ideas they created. Take New Caprica City, for instance - a concept that is rife with possiblities.

With that said, let's get to the key points!

  • Joseph's mourning is pulling him apart from his son, William. Sam has stepped in to teach him the Tauron way, but the culture William is being taught is eerily similar to our own Italian mafia (mixed with Ancient Greece) - a violent path that may not be in his best interests.

  • In V-World, Tamara finds someone named Vesta who supposedly can get her out of V-world, but even Vesta is surprised when she shoots Tamara to disconnect her and Tamara doesn't "de-res." Vesta, thinking Tamara is a "sleeper," offers to free her IF she'll play a game and help settle an old score.

  • And here is where we're introduced to a new section of V-World, a First Player Game set in New Cap City, where anything goes. Tamara is led there by Heracles, who explains that they're going to run a heist to steal a big player's money. Heracles tells her that the object of the game is a mystery, as if the object of the game is to find the object of the game - but he and Vesta think it's about getting things that convert into points. No one has finished or won the game yet. When you die in the game you're out for good.

  • Tamara distracts Chiron's security with a shoot-out, allowing Heracles to steal Chiron's avatar, which they're going to use to break into Chiron's vault and steal his money.

  • Joseph takes William fishing just like old times to try and reconnect with his son, but William is not having it. Taunted by a group of racist teens, William eventually loses it and attacks with newfound Tauron fury. Now we know why Admiral Adama was such a hard-ass!

  • Meanwhile, the Graystone board has called an emergency meeting, the plan being to oust Daniel from his position after the revelation he made about holoband on the Baxter Sarno show. That night, Amanda reminds Daniel of his roots and how he started the company, which compels him to crash the board meeting the next day with the Zoe Cylon. He declares that the holo-band is done, and that the Cylons are the wave of the future and will save the company (just don't tell the board that they'll go on to destroy most of the human race!). Daniel has just secured his position in the company.

  • Back in V-World, Tamara and Heracles break into Chiron's vault with his avatar. They manage to gain access to the money (was anyone else amused by the sucking of the coins?), but two security guards return when alarms are set off and open fire. Tamara concentrates - and somehow makes the guards, who are pure code and not players, disappear in an instant! She is The One! Sorry - had a Matrix flashback there for a minute.

  • At the behest of Sam, Joseph initiates Tauron rites to mark the passing of his wife and daughter so that he and William can move forward with their lives.

  • Tamara and Heracles return the money to Vesta, who reveals that she can't help Tamara because she has discovered that Tamara was actually killed in the mag-lev bombing. When Vesta says she has plenty for Tamara to do, an implied threat, Tamara freaks out and shoots everyone in the room. She tells Heracles to remove his holoband and go tell her father that she is alive.

  • Once the Tauron ceremony is over, and both Joseph and William appear to have reached some sort of closure with Shannon's and Tamara's deaths, Heracles appears at Joseph's door and tells him that Tamara is still alive in V-World and can't get out. Heracles runs away as Joseph gives chase (he wants Heracles to take him to Tamara), but Heracles manages to get away.

Coming up next, on "Know Thy Enemy": Daniel Graystone faces a rival while Sister Clarice closes in on Zoe's avatar.

That's it for this week! Leave us your thoughts in the comments!

Posted by Perrin on March 4, 2010 5:27 PM
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