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Caprica: Key Points for "Know Thy Enemy"

  • In a flashback, we see Tomas Vergis discover the break-in at Vergis Corp. that Daniel ordered back in the pilot episode to steal Vergis's chip, finding two of his men dead. Fast forward to a month later, and he crashes Daniel's private function to reveal the fact that he knows Daniel stole the chip and killed 2 of his men.

  • Daniel informs his assistant Cyrus Xander that the men he hired to steal the chip were Tauron. Tomas Vergis is also a Tauron, further complicating matters.

  • Joseph Adama purchases a holo-band from Emptor Electronics, obviously in an attempt to find Tamara. but he's interrupted by the appearance of Daniel in the real world. Daniel informs Joseph that Vergis knows something, and thinks Joseph set him up. Joseph says if Vergis knew then he would be dead already, since if you steal from the friend of the Guatrau then the Guatrau would have to make amends.

  • Daniel is having daydreams of himself killing Vergis's men - repressed memory, or guilt?

  • STO bombings are continuing in the city, and Sister Clarice's "family" thinks it's someone named Barnabas. Clarice's husband Nestor tells her that Olaf has created a thumb-drive sized device that can wirelessly steal the data associated with Zoe's avatar (which Clarice believes is part of making the soul immortal), and asks her to get into Zoe's home.

  • During Daniel and Vergis's first meeting, Vergis offers to buy the C-Bucs team from Daniel. Vergis reveals that he knows that Daniel promised his board that he would get the chip to work, and for that he needs money. Vergis obviously has an ulterior motive, (which we discover later).

  • Philomon continues his creepy flirtation with the robot in Daniel's lab. It seems he can't get a date.

  • This episode introduces the awesome James Marsters (Buffy, Angel, Torchwood) as the crazy terrorist Barnabas Greeley. Per Keon's request, he says he'll see Lacy.

  • Clarice gets on the holo-band to argue apotheosis with her voice-modified contact. She asks to see the Conclave to explain it to them them. The Conclave, however, is supporting Barnabas. Side thought- Is apotheosis going to be the progenitor of resurrection?

  • Daniel has apparently been "programming all kinds of weird stuff into Serge lately." Could this be one of those things?

  • Under the ruse of returning Zoe's books, Clarice enters the Graystone residence, gets Amanda drunk, then uses the wireless device to steal data off the Graystone computer in the lab.

  • Keon brings Lacy to Barnabas. Lacy asks him to help her transport Zoe's cargo off-planet, but Barnabas refuses. After sending Lacy away, he scolds Keon for bringing her to the warehouse. We also learn that Keon made the bomb that blew up the mag-lev. Barnabas asks Keon to find out what the cargo is.

  • Back in the Graystone lab, Virtual Zoe sends Philomon a letter on the dating website he's been using, setting up a V-World meet-up. Philomon later gets on holo-band and meets Zoe (calling herself "Rachel") in a V-bar where they flirt with each other.

  • Clarice must have a drug problem. During one of her drinking sessions back at the house, Nestor and Olaf find that the wireless device they gave her is full of data, and remove themselves to go inspect it.

  • Joseph has his assistant, Evelyn, investigating the identity of the boy that said Tamara still exists, and Evelyn returns one day having found him. You can tell that she has some admiration for Joseph as she inspects his recent tattoo. Perhaps she will be William's "mother" after all, as the BSG series claimed.

  • In Daniel and Virgis's second meeting, Daniel refuses Virgis's offer to buy the Bucs. Daniel has an idea that all of Virgis's exploits on Caprica are an attempt to steal away the government contract. In a very creepy reveal, Virgis tells Daniel that his real goal is to tear up Daniel's dream. Daniel stole from him, and killed two men that were like brothers to him (they were Tauron). Virgis bumps his offer up to 500 million for the Bucs, then says that he will find the next thing Daniel loves, eventually destroy Daniel's company, and take anything he holds dear, until the debt is paid.

Next up - "The Imperfections of Memory" - Amanda fears for her sanity while Daniel and Joseph closes in on their daughters.

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Posted by Perrin on March 12, 2010 1:13 PM
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