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Caprica: Key Points for "Ghosts in the Machine"

  • Emmanuelle introduces Joseph to a drug in the game called Amp, "...a hack that bypasses the holoband's safeties, interacting with the visual cortex to heighten a player's senses and reflexes." You inject it like eye drops. We see the drug actually physically affecting Joseph in the real world. It's also addictive.

  • Daniel begins his barrage of tests to prove that the Zoe avatar is inside the U-87 Cylon.

  • Emmanuelle informs Joseph that she is being paid to help him. Whether this is a reference to the fact that she is extorting money out of Joseph to find Tamara, or a reference to someone else, we don't know at this point.

  • Visiting the site of her brother's car crash, Amanda sees what looks like her brother drive by. We still don't know whether she is hallucinating at this point, but she did seem to capture a picture of someone in the last episode.

  • Daniel's first test for Zoe is to get a reaction out of her by recounting the time she was trapped in their old house that burned down, giving her a fear of fire. His mental game appears to work, as Zoe gives a slight reaction to Daniel burning his finger. Virtual Zoe later tells Lacy that she refuses to reveal herself to her father because she doesn't trust him.

  • Joseph and Emmanuelle visit the apartment that the game has assigned to Adama. They find a druggie squatting inside, and when grilled about Tamara he reveals that someone said they saw her at the club Mysteries. Some of the druggie's cohorts bust in before he can reveal where Mysteries is located. Emmanuelle opens fire, and Joseph can't bring himself to shoot. Emmanuelle takes out the rest, and then tells Joseph to leave and not come back until his head is on straight and he can actually shoot someone.

  • Amanda and Sister Clarice are becoming BFF's. During their conversation about Amanda's dead brother, Clarice tries to pry info out of her about Zoe, but Amanda didn't manage to get any info from Daniel so Clarice is out of luck.

  • Daniel amps up the test of the Zoe-filled Cylon by surrounding her with fire outside. Zoe manages to stay strong and not reveal herself.

  • Sam Adama visits the ever-napping Joseph, who explains that Tamara used to sign her name with a flower as the T (this will come into play later). Joseph asks Sam how he manages to kill people, and after hesitating, Sam says that he just tells himself it's not real then you're shooting at targets rather than real people and the whole thing becomes a game. Joseph, who is actually in a game in New Cap City, now has his impetus to kill people in the virtual world.

  • Back in New Cap City, Emmanuelle takes Joseph to the Mysteries bar. Inside, Joseph gets selected by the host to solve a riddle. When Joseph can't figure it out he gets tossed out of the club (which is better than the death that was proposed). When he sees the signature flower of Tamara's handwriting on a poster window, Joseph Amps up, steals guns from the front desk check-in, and returns to the interior of the club, shooting down anyone with a gun. Holding the host at gunpoint, Joseph asks him/her where Tamara is. The host tells him that Tamara was at the club seeking answers to the afterlife. She got her riddle wrong, and they discovered she couldn't die (apparently they did shoot her). The host doesn't know where Tamara is, however. Exiting the back of the club, they see a wall where Tamara has painted her signature flower "T" all over the wall.

  • In an odd move, Vergis visits Amanda at the Graystone residence and informs her that Daniel stole their chip and killed two of his men. He asks if she really knows her husband, and Amanda orders him to leave.

  • In the lab, Daniel performs his final test on Zoe. He orders the robot to shoot the dog, thinking Zoe wouldn't dare. With steely determination, Zoe does not hesitate and fires. Daniel, however, loaded the gun with blanks, so their dog is still alive, and Daniel is still left without concrete knowledge of Zoe's existence.

  • In V-World, Zoe reveals to Lacy that the robot knew the gun had blanks, and that if they had actually been real bullets she may have use it on Daniel instead. Zoe pleads with Lacy once again to get her out of there.

  • And as quickly as that, the next episode is the mid-season finale! Entitled, "End of Line," which describes thusly: "When Daniel finally sets a deadline for resetting the U-87 Cylon, and unknowingly ending Zoe's existence as she knows it, she makes a desperate attempt to save herself. But when her plan backfires, she finds herself out of time and out of options. Furious with a recent comeuppance, Barnabas ignites his feud with Clarice into an all-out war. Trapped in the middle is Lacy, who is forced to make a decision she may regret forever. Daniel makes a confession to an already reeling Amanda that sends her over the edge."

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    Posted by Perrin on March 26, 2010 3:00 PM
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