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Caprica: Key Points for "Gravedancing"

While some people have complained about the deliberate pacing of this series, as you know I've been thoroughly enjoying the world-building of the show. This episode should please just about everyone, however, as the story is really starting to amp up in dark and intriguing ways.

Now - on to the key points!

  • Sister Clarice's husbands and wives sleep 4 to a bed? And I thought MY bed got crowded with just my wife!

  • So the GDD gets an iffy warrant to search Athena Academy, and Agent Durham uses the moment to do a little media manipulation. Lucky for Sister Clarice, she has an informant (possibly on the inside) that gives her enough prior notice to warn her acolyte students in the school, including Keon and Lacy.

  • Sam Adama's assassination of Amanda is delayed due to Daniel's preparation for the Sarno talk show with his assistant and PR rep.

  • According to Grandma Adama, you become a man on Tauron when you're 13. She also dispenses classic advice to Will such as, "you get the best things from enemies because they're scared of you." Also - Grandma is scary!

  • The GDD delivers on its earlier promise to get a warrant and search the Graystone residence, delaying Sam's attempt to kill Amanda yet again. The warrant only applies to the residence, so the GDD still can't search the lab. Unfortunately for the GDD, they found nothing at the school, and now find nothing incriminating at the residence.

  • During her diagnostic test, we discover that Zoe can do The Robot (nach)!

  • Grandma Adama gets chicken-bone-jacks for little Will, after kidding Adama that on Tauron kids play jacks with the bones of kids that lose at jacks. She also delivers another awesome quip (while butchering meat!): "The dead don't really die until their death is avenged." Grandma is one tough, scary cookie!

  • Daniel appears on Backtalk with Baxtor Sarno to try and spin his company back into a positive light. As predicted, Daniel doesn't keep his composure and things look to be spiraling out of control until Amanda storms the stage. Daniel finally gets his head back and manages to turn the audience in his favor by dropping the bombshell that he created an avatar of Zoe. He also declares that Graystone Industries will no longer charge for licensing of any legal spaces, and any profit made off the bands will go to charity or foundation for young people to find the right experiences and right values. Daniel's assistant is concerned because that's 60% of their net.

  • When Grandma Adama sees Amanda on TV, she says the following: "I could kill her with my own hands...sleep well every night." Holy frak this woman's cold!

  • Lacy implores Keon for help getting to Gemenon, but Keno says he can only get her a meeting with Barnabas, who can decide whether she will get STO's help or not.

  • Sam, posing as Baxter's driver, offers Amanda a ride home after the show is over. After seeing Graystone's performance, Joseph has a change of heart and calls Sam to call off the killing, but Sam does not answer. Later, when Sam appears at Joseph's place, he messes with Jospeh over whether or not he actually killed Amanda, finally revealing that he didn't. Sam tells Joseph that he messed with him to teach him not to yank Sam around.

  • Sister Clarice is shown watching Graystone on TV, especially interested the moment when Daniel reveals that he created an avatar of Zoe.

  • Get ready for the next episode, "There is Another Side": Joseph Adama reaches out to his son, while his daughter finds a new side of the virtual world.

What did you think about this episode? Leave your comments below!

Posted by Perrin on February 25, 2010 3:56 PM
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