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Caprica: Key Points from "The Reins of a Waterfall"

I twittered last week that I was enjoying the world-building going on in Caprica, and this week is no different. While the show's conflict is just now beginning to ramp up, I've at least been incredibly interested in most scenes because of the intriguing details of the colonial worlds.

With that, let's get to this week's key points!

  • Patton Oswalt is Caprica's version of Jon Stewart! Awesome!

  • Amanda has resigned from her position at the hospital, which, given the fact that she told the world her daughter was a terrorist makes perfect sense. I wouldn't be surprised if it was one of those employer-induced resignations.

  • Daniel can box. This is of apparently no use against the Ha'la'tha, because Sam Adama mops up the alley with Graystone when the Adamas confront him about finding Tamara in the virtual world. Joseph is turning some dark corners in this episode, the results of which will lead down some interesting avenues in later episodes for sure. Joseph mentions that he knows Tamara is not gone because he'd feel it. Um, he'd feel that an avatar was gone? How exactly?

  • Composer Bear McCreary wrote a Tauran rap!

  • William (Lil' Bill, I like to call him) continues his thug training with Sam. No wonder Admiral Adama was such a hard-ass! Also, did Sam give William a beer?! Or was that some Tauran root beer?

  • Joseph is summoned to court by a judge he's bribing. Joseph's shady deals are going south apparently. Also, we learn that Joseph has dropped the "S" and gone back to his real Tauran name, Adama. His gangster dealings must have emboldened him. As a side note, from the BSG series we know and love, Evelyn is recorded as William Adama's mother. Does this mean Joseph will eventually marry his assistant whom we meet in this episode?

  • The fallout from Amanda's announcement continues this week, with Graystone stock plummeting, his Pyramid team losing players, to negative criticism on TV. Daniel is reluctant to engage in any kind of PR move to save face. Amanda convinces Daniel that Zoe was a terrorist, as much as he doesn't want to concede to the fact.

  • Unbeknownst to them, the Graystones frak in front of Zoe! Ew!

  • This week we get a glimpse of the Global Defense Department (Caprica City Bureau), and the corruption within. Director Gara Singh confronts Agent Durham (whom we've seen) and Agent Youngblood about a videotape showing an interrogation of Ben Stark. Director Singh is upset over the fact that Agent Youngblood failed to cover up their release of Ben Stark a year ago, but Durham defends her mistake since it was a year before the bombing. After the scolding, Durham plans to reveal to the press that the Graystone's house has never been searched due to bureaucratic red tape.

  • Zoe figures out how to connect to the holoband and meets Lacy in the virtual room that Daniel created. Lacy reveals to Zoe that Sister Clarice is fishing for the info on Zoe's avatar. Zoe tells Lacy to tell no one, because anonymity is her only weapon at the moment.They search for a door to V-world proper, but before they cross over the discover the avatar of Tamara, Joseph's now-deceased daughter. They lead her into v-world and "freedom." Zoe asks Lacy to find a friend of Ben's in the real world and ask him how they planned to get into the safehouse on Gemenon. Real Zoe previously said she had a purpose on Gemenon, so v-Zoe needs Lacy to take her there in the robot body.

  • Daniel begrudgingly relents to speaking to a PR rep for his company - and look, it's Kat from BSG-proper! I knew it! She's a Cylon! Well, not really - RDM has confirmed that the actor is playing a whole new character. None of that Kat attitude is present, however, so she fails to convince Daniel to do PR spin.

  • Sister Clarice visits v-world and talks to a disembodied voice that is being disguised - someone named Alvo. She confirms intentions we already suspected, namely that she is closer to finding the Zoe avatar. Alvo must be someone high up in the STO pecking order, because he reprimands her for the chaos that was caused from the bombing. Somehow, v-Zoe is apparently going to help STO serve the Lord through something called "apotheosis" as was prophesied. Alvo reveals that not everyone shares her view of apotheosis.

  • Daniel takes Joseph into v-world to find Tamara but, as we know, Tamara is gone. Daniel leaves holoband and confirms that the avatar disappeared.

  • Agent Durham's news leak hits the airwaves, giving the GDD warrant to search the Graystone residence.

  • After watching negative news story after negative news story about his family and company, Daniel calls his assistant and tells him to book him on Baxtor Sarno. Now we'll see if Sarno is anywhere near as cut-throat as Jon Stewart can be.

  • William Adama has dinner with Sam Adama and his partner. Sam reveals that they have no kids because the job he has now is not so good for kids (except for William, apparently). Joseph comes over, and in a shocking episode finale, tells Sam that he lost his wife and daughter, but Graystone only lost his daughter, so Sam should "balance it out"!

FYI, Syfy is skipping a week between the next episode, "Gravedancing," which airs on February 19th.

What did you think of this episode? Discuss below!

Posted by Perrin on February 9, 2010 11:05 AM
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