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Caprica: Key Points from "Rebirth"

The day I've been waiting for finally arrived this Friday - airing of the first unseen episode of Caprica since the DVD release of the pilot many months ago. Given that the pilot exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and premise (although I should not have doubted the Mighty RDM), I was incredibly curious where the writers would take us next within this alternate scifi Rome on the brink of collapse. And boy was I amazed at the results!

So with that, let's get on with the key points from episode 2, Rebirth!

  • The opening montage of Zoe memories in digital form - frakkin awesome! The Cylon data stream makes its first appearance in the past!

  • Apple's iPad is from an alternate future! I knew it!

  • Apparently Zoe has taken a liking to her prototype Centurion body. Graystone has had no success in transferring the consciousness to other models. This is great for members of the viewing audience for if they succeeded the Centurions would rise up and - series over! He asks for the prototype to be taken to his home lab for further study over the weekend.

  • Amanda finds out that Zoe had a boyfriend named Ben Stark. She didn't know Zoe had a boyfriend? Oy! This disconnect runs deep!

  • Zoe nearly escapes her transport to the Graystone house, but the more sympathetic of the two lab rats manages to remove her chip before she can get free from her shackles in the transport van. Once inside the lab, the jerky lab rat tries to forcefully fix her - and Zoe severs his finger!

  • When Amanda goes to Lacy's house to get more information about Zoe, she finds out that Zoe said a new family would be awaiting them on Gemenon. Gemenon is the home planet for The Soldiers of the One, so Zoe was most likely referring to them as the "family." Not knowing this background info, the discovery further distresses Amanda.

  • Lacy is invited to Sister Clarice's house - where she discovers that Sister Clarice is engaged in a polygamous marriage - and one of her husbands is nearly young enough to be her son! Is Clarice trying to set up some kind of sexual encounter with her husband Nestor and Lacy? Something unquestionably creepy is implied here, the details of which we will surely find out as the series progresses. Clarice may be using him to get information about Zoe from Lacy. Also, what is this "track record" of Clarice's that her husband and wife bring up? Clarice is later seen going into a "Dive" bar for the first time in an apparent long while and getting high.

  • Sam, Joseph's brother, gives William Adama a tour of Little Tauron (unbeknownst to Joseph), teaching him how to be a proper Tauran gangster (including purposely going to jail and paying the fine to get out). During this conversation we learn that Sam is homosexual and Joseph is hetero. William asks if the person that called Sam was the "Guatrau" (Ha'la'tha's leader), but Sam quickly tells him not to use that name. Sam doesn't explain why.

  • Daniel denies Joseph entry to the house in an apparent continuation of their fallout from Daniel resurrecting Joseph's daughter in digital form. At his house, he stil can't figure out where Zoe's gone, or how to copy the prototype. Oh, and their dog Caesar must sense Zoe is in the robot.

  • When Lacy visits Zoe at the Graystone residence, we learn that Zoe's original program was destroyed when Daniel transferred her to the prototype, so Daniel won't be able to put more copies of Zoe in more robots.

  • At the memorial for the victims of the maglev bombing, Amanda hesitates to get up and say anything to the crowd. Natalie Stark, Ben's mother, approaches her to give back Zoe's things she'd left in Ben's room. This solidifies the knowledge that Natalie Stark knew more about Zoe and Ben's relationship than Amanda did. Among Zoe's things Amanda discovers the symbol of the STO, which is the final piece of a puzzle she doesn't want to confront about her daughter.

  • Joseph confronts Daniel in a separate part of the venue and asks to see Tamara again, seeing how he's been plagued by her memory this entire time. Daniel tells Joseph that the avatar is gone, along with Zoe's. As Joseph realizes, incredulously, that his daughter's avatar may still be alive in the virtual world somewhere, Daniel hears that his wife has actually gotten onto the podium to give a speech.

  • Amanda tells the crowd of mourners that she thinks her daughter may have caused the explosion! We know better, based on our knowledge of events, but Amanda has added up the facts she knows into an incorrect conclusion - and causes a riot at the ceremony!

I don't know about you, but I can't wait for next week! What did you all think? Leave your comments below!

Coming up next: "Reins of a Waterfall"

Posted by Perrin on January 29, 2010 3:46 PM
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