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Boston Legal Fodder

Boston Legal: The Gods Must Be Crazy

gods.jpgThe episode begins with Denny being contacted by an old friend - Paul Cruickshank - who has a proposition for Denny Crane - run as president of the United States as an alternative to presumptive nominee John McCain. Alan isn't too keen on the idea, but Denny is one Cloud 9 and quickly agrees. He is first fielded by several members of the RNC - Paul among them - where he showcases his quick-witted conservative values, and of course, multi-faceted handgun collection. He is then rushed out to greet his donors, but not before he has a physical. The doctor leads Denny - still in his hospital gown - to a secret door to run some more tests - and poor Denny ends up in front of all his friends, who laugh and leer at him at Paul's instruction. Denny was never running for president, and the entire thing was joke. Suddenly, FBI agents bursts into the room, claiming they have heard reports of a fund-raiser for a fraudulent presidential candidate. With hands placed behind their hand, Paul and the other party-goers quickly ask Denny to vouch for him, but Denny seems too befuddled and confused to know quite what's happening - at first. Then Alan throws a coat on Denny, who reveals - cigar on hand - the whole raid is a joke on them. Back at the office, Denny laments how great expense his so-called "friends" went to make a mockery of him, but on the balcony, his one true friend - Alan - shares scotch and cigars with him as usual. Alan admits he wouldn't vote for Denny - he's too selfish of his friend to consider sharing with the country, but Denny muses resigning - after a few stops in Cuba and Iran - so he could spend more time with his one true friend.

Meanwhile, Dana Stickland entreats Jerry and Katie's help in defending her as she is arrested by an undercover cop. She tries several times to reconcile, but whether with the aid of his dreaded wooden cigarette or not, Jerry is still bitter about the secret of her prostitution past she has kept from him. The DA wants to make a deal - turn over Dana's employer, and she can walk. Unfortunately, her employer is Lorraine, and Dana refuses from the get-go. Jerry and Katie then move to argue legalizing prostitution before the court, but despite Jerry's best efforts (and proposal the proceeds be used to fund the war) the motion is denied. Dana asks one more time if Jerry can forgive her or see things from her perspective, but Jerry again rebukes her, and she leaves. The next day, Dana has disappeared entirely, and Lorraine distantly denies aiding her escape - because that would make her an accomplice.

And finally, Shirley and Carl face an uphill battle in arguing the stoic Renee Winger should be ordained as a Catholic priest in a sexual discrimination lawsuit against the Roman Catholic Church. Despite his initial reluctance, Carl effectively weaves and baits his opposition in the courtroom - and also finds himself doing his best to weave Renee's odd attraction to him. Eventually, Judge Clark Brown rules in their favor, deciding to end tax breaks to the church so long as they practice gender bias.

Overall, this was a great episode which came on the heels of the announcement next season with be Boston Legal's last. The show has run its course - and along with, characters like Denny and Alan have grown and evolved, though I can't help but want more from freshman figures like Jerry and Katie. Hopefully we'll see more from all four in the next season - and next week's season finale, when Alan takes on the biggest challenge yet - Denny Crane!

Posted by Richard on May 14, 2008 11:03 PM
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