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Boston Legal Fodder

Boston Legal: The Mighty Rogues

Shirley visits her sick father whom, we learn, is suffering from the late stages of Alzheimer's. After breaking his ribs in a fall, Shirley's father Walt is clearly in pain and entirely fearful of everyone at the nursing home - Shirley included. When Shirley and Denny discover this, Shirley asks for a morphine drip to be used to put her father to rest for good. The doctor refuses, but Denny fortunately knows the head of hospital personally. The sympathetic Chief Resident explains that, while they can't allow a morphine drip by law, they could if they obtained a court order. Denny initially wants to see to it, but Shirley requests Alan specifically. Though Denny is taken back by the request, he doesn't seem hurt - Shirley is clearly in pain, and he'll do anything to help her, even let someone else take the lead. In court, the opposing counsel argues Shirley is in more pain than Walt and the potential for abuses set by the precedent outweigh the benefits of allowing a morphine drip. But Alan gives a passionate argument that threatens to boil over altogether if he's not careful. Composing himself, Alan speaks of his best friend in the early stages of Alzheimer's, and how he'll do everything in his power to preserve the sanctity of his friend's life - and death. Denny watches from the back bench, musing his future, while the judge grants the motion, and after thanking Alan, Shirley watches her father finally pass away.

In a lighter subplot, Jerry needs Katie's help with another court case. He's been using a confidence-building hormone on himself to date Dana, a beautiful women - and applied some to her as well. In retaliation, the woman is suing him. Katie is clearly upset with the flustered Jerry, but is forced to admit Dana does have a case. Under Katie's advice, Jerry apologizes to Dana and admits he is so in love with her he tried to pretend he was someone else. Later, at a bar, Dana drops the case and apologizes - and even gets back together with Jerry.

And lastly, the Mayor of Nantucket enlists Carl's aid - to get the town an atomic bomb for defense purposes. With the help of Lorraine, Whitney and Clarence. Later, Clarence refuses to help in the case on ground of principle, not wanting to help anyone get an A-Bomb, whether the case has a chance or not. The group doesn't go unhindered, however, as Denny is more than willing to gleefully lend a hand. Later, Carl finds his client isn't as crazy as it seems - he wants to use the media coverage to plunge nuclear proliferation back into today's top issues. Though the judge admits Carl has a point, he refuses to grant the motion to allow Nantucket its own A-Bomb.

Back on the balcony, Denny and Alan share scotch and cigars, and Denny reveals he heard Alan's closing. Denny ponders his final moments, but Alan is quick to change the subject and even admits it. The episode ends with Denny tenderly chewing on his cigar and holding hands with his good friend as he looks to the future.

Overall, a powerhouse of an episode, and a superbly satisfying one which manages to use just about everyone in the cast a little. The next episode looks to be just as interesting - as Denny and Alan speak in front of the Supreme Court!

Posted by Richard on April 15, 2008 11:05 PM
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