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Boston Legal Fodder

Boston Legal: Indecent Proposals

Only ABC could care so less about an Emmy Award winning series that the only place the schedule could be found was within the show's own dialogue. The episode begins with Whitney briefing Clarence, Denny and Carl on the move to Wednesday night, before a woman named Sunny Fields enlists Denny's help in suing the FDA to stop cloned beef from hitting the market place.

Meanwhile, Shirley seeks Alan's help in suing her nephew - to stop him from voting from Obama. "Mitchy" is a 22 year-old delegate determined to vote for change - even though his constituents voted for Clinton. Even worse, even the counsel is split down the middle - Shirley wants Clinton and Alan Obama. Alan wastes no time turning Mitchy's opinionated youthful enthusiasm, but despite his effectiveness, Judge Clark Brown can find no grounds to impose rules against the a private organization like the DNC.

On the other hand, Carl and Denny represent cattle owner Sunny Fields in a case preceded by the ever-bamboozled Judge Robert Sanders. Denny is easily infatuated with Sunny, although her cattle are less than thrilled with their representation - fleeing and perhaps shunning a possible mad cow sufferer. Still, Carl proposes to Sunny Fields despite Alan's doubts he is running headlong into Marriage No. 7. Sunny asks to think it over - and their case's outcome is no less ambiguous, when the confused Sanders rules in favor of both sides.

Sunny announces she is moving to Montana, but Denny cannot follow - because of Alan, and he freely admits it to a disappointed Sunny. Of course, he doesn't admit it so freely to Alan on the balcony that night, instead claiming she dumped him. After a heartfelt discussion and love, Denny and Alan end their ritual the same as every night - over cigars and scotch.

Overall, Indecent Proposals was a good episode, and apparently, the third-to-last one of the season. The episode featured no mention regarding Dana and Jerry, but that seems to be on the agenda for the next episode in two weeks - The Gods Must Be Crazy.

Posted by Richard on April 30, 2008 11:04 PM
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