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Boston Legal: Glow in the Dark

glow.jpgThe episode opens with the introduction of sensual Andrea - a woman suing her local nuclear plant for potential harm, and possessing a sexual appetite that instantly latches onto Denny mid-conversation with Shirley. Alan later finds Denny in his office - after he'd had sex with Andrea not ten minutes ago. Shirley quickly recruits Alan to help with Andrea's case, but the two legal heavyweights are up against one heck of a contender this time around - Shirley's ex-flame Jack Ross (Scott Bakula). We'll get to his role in the story in a minute. For Alan's part, Denny is thrilled to find his friend has also had sex with a mystery woman, though unlike Denny, Alan managed to get her name: Andrea. Denny suggest they "swing" - essentially a foursome - but Alan is notably queezy over the premise of sharing a bed with Denny. However, Andrea doesn't mind the idea one bit. Andrea continues to make a move on any man in the proximity, including Jack (who is more drawn to Shirley) and even Judge Clark Brown (who, despite apparently being gay, seems unquestionably interested in the flirtation). Both Alan and Jack have similar styles of showboating in the courtroom, but the decision rests solely on the fact that Brown's mother lives next to a proposed nuke plant, thereby granting the injunction. At dinner with Andrea, Alan and Denny soon find out that Andrea is the singular woman both men made out with the other day, and aren't too pleased with the results.

Jack Ross further stirs things up between Shirley and Carl, whose relationship, though touch-and-go at best, has become downright frosty following the abortion debate last episode. Jack is happily married with six kids, but still can't fight his previous attraction to Shirley. Carl sees Ross as a threat but always looms in the background instead of openly confronting him - watching from a distance as Ross shows Shirley pictures of his kids and the two reminiscence at their favorite college restaurants. After seeing Jack perform a song at one of these bars, Carl observes Shirley's forlorn expression - and then breaks up with her the next day, though he is evasive as to the obvious reasons for the break-up. Frustrated, Shirley fires him, but he comes back the next day to explain he feels Shirley deserves better - and so does he. Shirley finds comfort in both Denny - who sits with her in her office - and Alan, who visits her at the bar.

Jerry gets back together with Leigh, and at first, Katie is happy for them - but the bliss lasts all of five seconds, as Leigh arrives in her office and reveals Jerry has told her about Katie's thoughts on Leigh's mental health. Leigh tells Katie never to speak to Jerry again and quit sharing an office with him. Katie tells Jerry of this, but the surprised Jerry is entirely ineffectual in getting Leigh to back down, who appears again and again to threaten and berate Katie. With both Jerry and Leigh in the room, Katie starts off by tempting Leigh with an iPhone - and then plays a recording of Katie's insults to Jerry. Leigh leaves, repelled by her own words, while Jerry goes to the corner, frustrated once again about his poor luck with women.

The episode ends with Alan and Denny on the balcony once again. Though they are trivially bemoaning Andrea's revelation, they are more concerned with Shirley. Both are determined to be the friend to Shirley that they are to one another - though Denny still wants to swing with Alan eventually.

Overall, this was a nice episode to get back into the swing of things - no pun intended - and even if it's a short swing at that. Still, there should be a few more episodes in April/May, and with things heating up next episode - as Katie finds herself wooed by a handsome client, and Carl approached by the lecherous Andrea, there should be plenty of things to look forward to.

Posted by Richard on February 12, 2008 11:09 PM
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