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Boston Legal Fodder

Boston Legal: Mad About You

The episode begins with Denny coming upon a murder scene of his neighbor Walt, who has been bludgeoned in the had by his wife Penelope. Denny wanders onto the scene and, after embracing/groping Penelope, agrees to defend her. A typical media flurry bombards Denny, but not everyone is thrilled about the developments. In particular, Alan worries if Denny can provide the necessary defense for Penelope. Denny insists he can handle the case, but refuses to let Alan second-chair, picking Whitney for the position instead. In the lead-up to the case, however, Denny is more concern with seducing Penelope than defending her. After walking in on Penelope and Denny, Alan chides Denny for his lack of concern. Denny argues back that, after watching Alan have his day in court, it's time for Denny to have one. Denny insists he's not over and storms out of Alan's office (but not before trying to confusedly kick Alan out of his own office.) In the courtroom, Alan watches Denny's case from the sidelines - in disguise. Not surprisingly, Denny backs his swagger with crafty manipulation. At one point, Denny bribes a specialist to testify Penelope could have feasibly suffered from a "Post-PMS" mental disorder. The D.A. is so insults he berates the specialist - but Denny uses the whole thing to his advantage. When Alan asks him how the case is going, Denny also reveals he knows Alan is watching him. The two reconcile, and Alan offers Denny his aid again - but also ensures he trusts Denny as well. Despite spilling his cue cards all over the courtroom floor, Denny delivers a perfect closing which ultimately clear Penelope of all three counts of murder. Denny, and eventually Alan, savor a moment Denny thought might never have come again.

Meanwhile, Katie and Jerry must defend a woman who believes her divorce was caused by a billboard advertisement for a divorce attorney. She wants to sue the attorney. At first, Katie and Jerry try to head the case off at the past by seeking a settlement from the divorce attorney, who refuses to make any such amend. As this happens, Jerry worries about being marginalized by his own randomness. When Lorraine walks into the room, he cries "Lips" (referencing their holiday party kiss) as well makes a variety of assortment noises. But Katie embraces all these noises - she even playfully purrs in his office. In the courtroom, Jerry defends against a motion to dismiss by the attorney by skillfully delivering a powerful speech about the nobility of lawyers which dates back all the way to Atticus Finch. The judge ultimately rules in favor of Jerry, and Katie makes several more random noises herself to further encourage a blustering Jerry.

On the balcony, Denny and Alan spend their night with typical cigars and champaign, celebrating the victory the only way they know how - with a sleepover.

This episode was one more which really showed off Denny's lawyer skills, reinforcing the fact that, no matter what superficial appearances shows, Denny's easily-bamboozled nature obscures the talents of an excellent lawyer who is anything but irrelevant. I'm also very pleased the show has made full use of Jerry Espenson, and furthermore, complimented him with Katie Lloyd. Both characters - and actors - are so fully realized, they are every bit as compelling as Denny and Alan. Here's hoping there's at least still a couple heartbeats of life left in the remainder of this strike-ridden season - if they are even half as good as this one, we've got nothing to worry about.

Posted by Richard on January 15, 2008 11:03 PM
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