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Boston Legal Fodder

Boston Legal: Oral Contracts

The episode begins with a constipated Denny rushing to a courtroom bathroom, and hoping to calm himself, humming and tapping his foot in the process. This signals undercover police to arrest him under the charges of solicitation (for gay sex). Alan agrees to defend his friend, but neither Carl nor Paul (who appears for the first time this season, sporting a beard) are too happy. Paul himself reminds Denny this case could serve to finally serve to separate him from the firm once and for all, but Denny prepares to go to trial - all or nothing. Their judge is none other than Clark Brown - who Alan defended once before - against a camp which promised to cure him of his homosexuality. Alan moves to get the charges dismissed, but Brown will have none of it. At trial, Alan is only able to deflect the charges so far - though the accusation is tenuous at best, sooner or later, Alan will have to put Denny on the stands. And when he does, all hell breaks loose. The prosecution uses every one of Denny's quirks - from sleepovers to flamingos - to imply he is homosexual, and Denny's candor doesn't help either. In the end, however, Alan gives a passionate speech dispelling not only homophobia but the trumped-up charges against Denny as well - leading to a not guilty verdict. Denny asks the judge to also disprove his gayness, but Brown dismisses him. And though subtle, Paul nods at the District Attorney, leading me to believe he may have had something to do with the elements of Denny's private life brought to bear in this case.

Meanwhile, Shirley defends a shock-jock who is fired from his job after saying old people should die on-air - and her rival in the courtroom is none other than Denny's vertically-challenged ex, Bethany. Though Bethany should have an easy time with this case - the news corporation should be able to run their business as they see fit - she butts heads with everyone from Shirley to the spunky judge. Ultimately, her defensive attitude - as well as Shirley's cool-headed demeanor - get the better of her, and she winds up in jail for insulting the judge's weight. Shirley visits Bethany and apologizes for her remarks, explaining Bethany just pushes her buttons for some reason (not related to Denny, she insists), but she respects her nonetheless. The two women make peace - until next time.

Katie, meanwhile, finds it odd that Lorraine tells Denny to dial "999" - the emergency number for London - instead its American counterpart - "911". She asks Lorraine why she seems to oddly familiar to her, but Lorraine is cool and guarded. Katie, along with Whitney, discover several holes in Lorriane's record. Confiding in Katie, Lorraine ultimately reveals she changed her identity to avoid honor killing at the hands of her violent Pakistani ex-husband. Katie tells Whitney - much to Lorriane's chagrin - who scolds both women now that her life is in both of their hands.

Sitting out in the balcony, Denny and Alan reflect on the day's events, and somehow end up on dwarves in Hell. How they got to this conclusion is unimportant - only that they look to one another as heterosexual soul mates who - having braved the worst the legal system has to offer - have no qualms wherever they may end up in the afterlife.

Overall, this was a pretty good episode to come back to after a long absence. The only cast member not featured was Jerry, though Clarence's usage seemed almost token in nature. I'm still not sure if I buy Lorraine's explanation, just as I'm still not sure I buy Lorraine's character in general, but I still think Paul - or someone in the higher ranks of Crane, Poole and Schmidt - conspired to set a trap for Denny this episode. Otherwise, how would they know so many details of Denny's private life?

Posted by Richard on December 5, 2007 12:09 AM
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The retarded stepchild of ABC doesn't change a bit. It's still retarded and still has a handful of equally retarded follower fans that just want to see all the characters involved in some gay action.

I hope the writer's strike kills this pathetic excuse for a show.

-- Posted by: ex-larroquette-fan at December 5, 2007 7:19 AM

Goodness, such vehemence!

Boston Legal deserves and Emmy for, if nothing else, William Shatner's brilliant self-satire.

What tripped your hateometer?

-- Posted by: Cecil Rose at December 5, 2007 10:33 AM

Nice to see some awareness about "honor" killings.

Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
"Reclaiming Honor in Jordan"

-- Posted by: ERS at December 5, 2007 3:39 PM

THANK YOU for bringing back Bethany! LOVE LIVE HER GREATNESS!!!

-- Posted by: Jerry Rugni at December 5, 2007 10:47 PM

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