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Boston Legal Fodder

Boston Legal: Green Christmas

The episode begins with Denny "re-familiarizing" himself with his vast assortment of guns while being confronted by the head of a Green People group advocating environmental efficiency. The representative makes the mistake of berating Denny on his abundant Christmas decorations, leading Denny to pick up a gun and riddle the rep with paint ball pellets. In damage control mode, Carl and Katie try to head off a trial, but Denny makes matters even worse by shooting the representative several times with an air foil pistol when he isn't looking! The eccentric behavior - though largely within Denny's normal attitude - prompts Alan to advise Denny to get an advanced CAT Scan-type examination which provides greater details. In the courtroom, Katie blows away the prosecution's efforts by debunking many "green" practices - such as hybrid cars and bottled water - as having nominal if not harmful effects on the environment, while Carl's solid closing nails the the case shut in their favor. But Denny doesn't get off completely free - the tests indicate he has a 90 percent chance of developing Alzheimer's in six years, if he doesn't die from his hard-drinking, hard-smoking lifestyle.

Clarence, meanwhile, loses his house in the sub-prime mortgage crisis. Alan takes to bank and finds they were hit just as hard by the interest rates, and though Alan prepares a case, he admits he can't blame the bank either. Fortunately, the bank has blow-hard lawyer Melvin Palmer (Christopher Rich), who thinks Alan's a "hoot". Entirely two-faced, Melvin wants to solve problems with a smile, but he won't budge an inch on Clarence's problem. But Melvin makes the mistake of pushing Alan, claiming he's not much of a lawyer (the last time we saw Melvin introduced Jerry, whose number grasp ultimately forced Melvin to back down). But Alan asks Melvin how this all will look in court - in the end, Alan represents a homeless man, and Melvin a bank. With an intimidating take on the truth, Alan is able to convince the bank to give Clarence a fixed rate as well as a break on his payments, thwarting Melvin once again.

Jerry gets bad news when he finds Leigh has moved on to date an iPhone now. Katie takes a no-nonsense approach to the matter, reminding Jerry any woman who cheats on him for a clock and an iPhone isn't a sane much less mature. But Jerry spends most of the episode pining away under his desk, and when Katie interrupts sanctuary, he finds temporary closure under Carl's desk. Eventually, Jerry writes Leigh a short but sweet letter for closure, before finally moving on himself.

Lorraine's subplot also moves forward slightly as Carl formally acknowledges her spotty past but allows her to stay on at the firm, reasoning many of the firm's lawyers have been convicted and accused of a long list of crimes - not even beginning to include Denny's extensive rap sheet. He also notes both Denny and Shirley are fond of her - though he reminds Lorraine if her problem ever takes on a public relations dimension, they might have to "revisit" the subject of her employment.

At the Christmas party, Clarence' singing partner Dorris sings a Christmas tune. Lorraine kisses Jerry under the mistletoe, causing the later to gather up enough courage to ask Katie to dance. Clarence also asks Whitney to dance, and finally Lorraine and Alan share a heartfelt embrace. Denny thanks Carl for their victory - and then shoots him with the air foil when he's not watching.

On the balcony, Denny reflects on the news he has given and declares he will live past the doctor's deadline. He reminiscences of Christmases past, and then asks Alan for a present - he wants to smell him for Lorraine's perfume. Alan reluctantly agrees, and finds himself intrigued by the scent of a go-go dancer on Denny. Alan wishes his friend a merry Christmas as they stand on the balcony sniffing each other.

Posted by Richard on December 18, 2007 11:06 PM
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