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Boston Legal Fodder

Boston Legal: The Object of the Affection

The episode begins with Denny letting go of an associate lawyer in a decidedly unpleasant manner - because "partnership is not in her future" do to her weight. After telling her point-blank she's being fired because she's fat, Denny sets into motion his own epic struggle for relevance, probably planning the associate lawyer's own greed for restitution. Carl tries to rein him in - to limited or no success at all. He appoints Lorraine to help him make peace with the associate, but now the lawyer is in the case more for money than emotional damages - though further comments from Denny don't help much. Though preoccupied with a case of his own, Alan tries to understand why Denny fired the associate, and discovers Denny is struggling with his own premature removal from the Patrice Kelly case. Carl makes several very good cases for why Denny is negatively impacting his position at the firm, but in each Denny rebukes him - once by farting and the second by declaring obesity is a disease he doesn't want to catch.

Alan, meanwhile, realizes he has no choice but put Patrice on the stand. The grieving mother explains how she stopped feeling after her daughter's death, and eventually gave in to voices she thought from God to kill his daughter's killer. The prosecution and defense both takes turn trying to prove theologically that God would condemn or condone such an act, respectively, and while Alan tears apart the prosecution's attempt, he finds more and more this case is really getting under his skin. In his closing, he argues that, despite his opposition to the death penalty, revenge may have its own place in healthy human behavior and society. The jury wants to know if they can add manslaughter to the charges, which would put Patrice away for only five years as opposed to life. The prosecution agrees, but Alan refuses, and the judge harshly questions the conclusions of his closing. However, the jury finds Patrice not guilty of first or second degree murder, leading to a breath of relief from Alan.

Jerry, on the other hand, represents Leigh, a fellow Aspergers syndrome sufferer who, like Jerry, has fallen in love with an inanimate object - this time a file box! Katie not only steers Jerry in the right direction but passionately convinces Carl to give Jerry the go-ahead. Jerry meanwhile manages to locate the box - or what's left of it. After showing Leigh the demolished remains, Leigh sulks out of the office with Jerry's AM radio for comfort, despite Jerry's plea that Leigh seek help and try to find love in the arms of a real person. Later, Leigh appears, and having considered Jerry's words, asks him out of a date. Despite an initial meow from Jerry, the lawyer agrees and the two are last seen leaving the office together.

Alan and Denny share their typical balcony ending, with Alan assuring Denny he is no over, and after some prodding, Denny admitting he loves Alan as friend - leading to Alan's typical response - "Sleep over!" - and setting the two off like an old married couple. Overall, a good episode, especially in the way it sets up more in the line of Denny's epic quest for relevance against enemies both within and without. I can't wait to see how this develops.

Posted by Richard on November 6, 2007 11:06 PM
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