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Boston Legal Fodder

Boston Legal: Attack of the Xenophobes

The episode begins with Jerry frantically nervous about the prospect of kissing Leigh. Alan tries to help, but it is Lorraine who provides a demonstration, passionately engaging Alan through eye contact alone - and leading Jerry to collapse on the spot. After finishing making out, Alan tells Denny he feels as though his tongue is a different color. Denny begs to see, and Alan lets him - just as the overweight woman suing Denny walks in along with her attorney. But her "man-eating" attorney is barely a match for Alan, who easily dissects her tactics as a reflection of her sexual appetite.

Meanwhile, Katie and Whitney take the case of a police officer accused of second-degree murder after killing an innocent young black man. Not only is Judge Gloria presiding - but the prosecution also hopes to admit evidence of an MRI scan which they say proves the police officer is a racist through chemical reactions in his brain.

And if that weren't enough, Clarence is back, and so is Clarice - on YouTube, where he berates a clergy man for taking his parking spot, all while in drag. Don't get me wrong, I really like Clarence - but can his character exist without Clarice? I'd like to see so - but this episode doesn't help that much.

First off, Jerry continues postpone his date with Leigh until she turns up at the office and berates him for his dishonesty, leading him to whip out - yep, you guessed it - the wooden cigarette, unleashing a firestorm of rudeness which repels Leigh in tears. Later, Alan finds Jerry in his office, his head slouched against a wall - Leigh is now dating Jerry's alarm clock to get back at him. Although not quite sure how exactly to respond, Alan encourages Jerry to give their relationship another chance, and after confronting Leigh, they kiss - and now must deal with how hard a hug with be, after the first hurdle in cleared.

Alan is not without love problems of his own. He's settled on Lorraine as quite possibly "the one" - only to find she's involved in another long-term relationship. But with little time for this, he heads off to court - to find the judge is also an obese woman. Alan argues for Denny's "tough love" for his employee's welfare via weight, but the judge won't hear it all - and makes her decision - dismissing the case in favor of Denny. Though without an idea how they pulled it off, Denny and Alan celebrate on the balcony - though Alan is still sulking about Lorraine.

And though the MRI is convincing evidence, Whitney and Katie argue it is an invasion of privacy, and perhaps one step from "thought police". Hinging their argument on the MRI evidence, Whitney and Katie succeed in getting their client cleared of charges, but after looking to the brother and mother of the victim, advise their client to find work which doesn't involve guns.

And Judge Clark Brown hears Clarence's case, this team wearing a football helmet to shelter himself from injury. Carl makes a very convincing case - that video seen without context can be damaging to one's reputation - but third time is not a charm for Crane, Pool and Schmidt, and Brown cannot see enough evidence to revise tort law, dismissing the case altogether - though Clarence is grateful for Carl for trying.

Overall, a well-packed episode, though the MRI case all too often blunted the humor of both Denny, Clarence and Jerry's situation combined, creating something of an awkward balance. Still one question remains - just who is Lorraine involved in? My guess was Carl Sack, who was seen ogling Lorraine several occasions - Shirley or no Shirley. But my dad brought even a better candidate to mind - Brad Case, Alan's very own foil. What do you guys think? Any guesses?

Posted by Richard on November 13, 2007 11:30 PM
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