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Boston Legal Fodder

Boston Legal: The Innocent Man

"The Innocent Man" stands out because, unlike most every episode over the four seasons so far, the plots are broken into numerous character-driven subplots. That is not the case here, however, there are very few plots in this particular episode, and almost all of them center on Alan Shore. This might just make this recap the shortest this observer has read.

The trial of Joseph Washington is on. Newly-appointed Assistant District Attorney Brad Chase turns up the heat, and no one feels this more than new lawyer Katie. Still, Alan and Jerry do their best to guide Katie through the particularly troublesome - and almost open-and-shut - case. Meanwhile, Alan finds his attention diverted on multiple fronts - his girlfriend Judge Gloria wants a baby, while his ex-girlfriend Lorraine, also new to the firm, wants Alan. Period. While doing his best to fend off Denny from Lorraine, Alan mulls over Gloria's ultimatum before confessing to Shirley he fears he'd make a lousy father, though later Jerry disagrees with that assertion, saying he couldn't picture a better father. The case, meanwhile, becomes more and more difficult - as the victim's doctor refuses to speak without a subpoena and the victim's husband admits to purposely lying to prosecution in order to stonewall the case. However, Katie is able to call the doctor to the stand, who reveals of the affair between Joseph and the victim. And despite a further railroading cross examination from Brad Chase, Joseph is ultimately cleared of both charges - thanks in no small part to a brillant closer by way of Jerry. Alan admits he doesn't want children with Gloria, and the relationship ends. On the balcony, Alan reveals his suspicions Carl Sack is involved with Shirley, prompting an angry reaction from Denny which confirms Alan's best friend still believes in "the one" after "five or six wives." For though ugly business, love might be the only thing that truly matters.

Though short on Clarence and Carl Sack, "The Innocent Man" moves with suprising poignancy and clarity. Next week's episode appear a return to the multi-layered subplots we're mostly accustomed to here at Boston Legal.

Posted by Richard on October 2, 2007 11:04 PM
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I hope in the next episode Carl gets his, proving to all the silly people who thought as such, that Shirley and Carl are not this "Item". As I see it, Carl is a John Larroquette character. Have any of John's characters ever truly been in a committed relationship? Not in the least.

-- Posted by: ekkostar at October 4, 2007 10:10 AM

I think they're an "item" - just not in the way we're met to think. Yeah, they were in bed together, but they both had their clothes on, and they seemed too comfortable with one another to really be the insane, passionate lovers Denny and/or Alan are. But I'm in agreement - Carl needs to get his - although I don't see he's getting it next week. We haven't seen Carl in court, and I have a feeling he's pretty good.

-- Posted by: Richard at October 4, 2007 10:19 AM

too bad their wasnt one person in that small town that could step up for mr washington even after his name was taken off the miranda list. i met the real mr washington who played poet on oz does anybody have an email address for him.? i lost it and lost contact with him

-- Posted by: Damello at October 31, 2007 4:23 PM

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