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Boston Legal Fodder

Boston Legal: The Chicken and the Leg

Alan is approached by a young high schooler named Abby who wants to sue her school, which teaches abstinence over sexual education. Long story short, Abby broke the abstinence pledge and wound up HIV Positive, but believes she could have avoided such a fate had she been made aware of alternatives such as condoms and birth control. Alan agrees to take the case, telling Abby's parents that, while she may one day regret going ahead with the case, she will probably regret not making her voice heard more. Shirley agrees, save for one detail - she assigns Lorriane second chair to add a woman's face to the case. Alan struggles to deal with his obvious attraction - with Denny supplying him gum to chew whenever Lorriane aggitates him - something Alan is seen doing throughout the episode. Alan also struggles to confront his own apathy over his break-up with Gloria amid a chat with Jerry, who is himself infuriated with Katie. Despite all personal setbacks, Alan gives a long - and livid - closing which effectively wins the case - and earns Abby an added bonus of 750,000 dollars in damages.

Denny, meanwhile, bets Carl Sack $200,000 he can't win a court case surronding a man who pleaded guilty to cock fighting. Unfortunately, Carl Sack is up against the DA, making victory all assured. It doesn't help that Sack is a talented lawyer, who covers up his client's inability to speak English with a nun acting as translator and gives a victorious closing that actually adds some dignity to the very sport of cockfighting - as well as the life of a chicken. Denny, amid constant hugs from the clueless plantiff, angrily pays Carl.

Jerry and Katie are now representing the widow of Joseph Washington's previous lawyer, who killed himself after psycho-therapy revealed repressed memories which were too much for the attorney to bare. The widow is suing the pyschologist, who has been, up until now, prolific enough to dodge lawsuit. But the duo's combined research and Jerry's impressive-as-always handle on the facts convince the psychologist to eventually settle to the tune of half a million dollars. Jerry asks Katie out for dinner, but the young lawyer agrees, if only to celebrate as "colleagues", much to the disappointment of the purring lawyer.

Alan and Denny meet on the balcony as always, with Alan still confounded by Lorriane, who he made out with in the elevator once more. The two toast to women tonight, although by at least Alan's own admittal, they know less than even Jerry, even given their number of past relationships which span the last four seasons.

The three court cases were all well-founded, but I really missed the clarity of seeing only one as a focus of an episode. Next week should be interesting - Carl finds out about Lorraine and Alan, while Denny catches Carl and Shirley in the act, and it looks like an ex-flame of Carl is emerging as well. I have a feeling Carl is going to be heading for trouble. Oh, and word salad is back.

Cole slaw.

Posted by Richard on October 9, 2007 11:06 PM
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-- Posted by: rbudqck vctuns at September 5, 2008 6:38 AM

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