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Boston Legal Fodder

Boston Legal: Do Tell

The episode starts with Whitney Rome (Taraji P. Henson) - apparently one of Carl Sack's ex-flames - hiring herself at Crane, Pool and Schmidt. At first, Sack is notably reluctant - until Whitney reveals she can understand Spanish, something criticially essentially when dealing with the wildly emotional client of last episode - once accused of cock-fighting, and now faces an even bigger custody battle for his ten year old son - a bullfighter. Sack appoints Katie Lloyd as her co-chair - something Whitney is far from pleased with. But Katie has other problems on her mind - notably Jerry's dismissive attitude after she agreed to dinner "only as colleagues." Katie confronts Jerry and gets him to admit his intentions to ask her out on a date, but confirms she wants to remain friends - best friends to be exact. Jerry agrees, and its off to court. Whitney feels picked on by the judge, but after letting the the father and son present their testimony, its Katie who claims the victory with a closing that reminds judge her native Britain - like America - once had an perchant for enforcing its cultural values on other countries. The judge then decides to keep custody in the father's hands, so long as the parents both work out their boundries. The two winners excited embrace Whitney, while Katie smiles as she walks off, pleased with both her own victory - and Whitney's none-too-pleased reaction to the attention.

That wasn't the only major case which walked in the room, however, as Frtiz, an honored and decorated war veteran and good friend of Denny's, also appeared - and announced he was gay. Expecting dishonorable discharge and perhaps worst, Frtiz wants to pre-emptively sue the military. Shirley, with a reluctant Denny in tow, take the case (Alan is of no help, his "word salad" mixing up his vocab at every sight of Lorraine), but the defense is further hurdled by Judge Clark Brown - a man who once tried to have his homosexuality "cured" ! Though Shirley is able to convince Brown to hear the case, he remains skeptical and downright belligerent of any attempts to question military policy. In her closing, he interrupts midway as she points out other NATO partners permit homosexuals in their armed forces, claiming the challenging of "Don't Ask/Don't Tell" is just not practical. Shirley, however, quickly turns the tables by saying it's not practical to discharge tens of thousands of soldiers during a time when shortages of troops are reaching crisis points. Judge Brown then rules in her favor, prohibiting the military from taking action against Fritz.

In addition to finding out his old friend is gay, Denny was in for an even greater shock when he finds Shirley kissing Carl Sack. Denny is notably distraught, and Alan continues to vent his own frustration over Lorraine's continued presence. (At one point, while comforting Denny, Alan, temporarily reverting to word salad at the sight of Lorraine, says "Humperdink." Denny replies, "I don't know if she'll let me.") Shirley tries to make Denny understand that she loves Carl, but Denny's attempt at frenching her in the middle of the conversation does little to calm things between them. On the balcony, Alan tells Denny that when he was 14, he used to mow his attractive neighbor's lawn - an act which ultimately culminated in Alan losing his virginity. But something about Lorriane seems to effect Alan the same way the older "Mrs. Robinson" neighbor did. The episode ends with Denny begging Alan to tell it again.

Overall, a good episode, though not without a few casulaties. Clarence is only mentioned, Jerry has disappeared into the background and even Alan is sidelined by the developments. Next week looks to be more focused on Alan and Jerry with the return of Joseph Washington, but is there any hope for Clarence?

Posted by Richard on October 16, 2007 11:14 PM
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Clarence can stay lost, as far as I'm concerned, one of the most boring sub-plots in the show.

William Shatner deserves a supporting actor emmy every year for the brilliant self-satire he continues to display, episode after episode.

-- Posted by: Cecil Rose at October 17, 2007 10:20 AM

Hey I like Clarence. I don't like to see him ALL the time, and my paitence for Clairvon wears thin at some points, but I like his camraderie with Jerry and his relationship with Alan.

And I agree - I wish William Shatner took home the Emmy again this year alongside James Spader. You can just tell in certain episodes the dynamic between the characters is just simply awesome!

-- Posted by: Richard at October 17, 2007 10:44 AM

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