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Boston Legal Fodder

Boston Legal: Tea and Sympathy

The episode begins to introducing Simon Griffith - a man who claims to be a walking cure for AIDS, and who plans to market his blood to drug companies in the cure. Unforunately, his doctor has claimed a patent on his DNA. Shirley and Claire represent the abrasive Simon before the confused-as-ever Judge Sanders. Despite Shirley's best efforts, Simon proceeds to make an ass of himself - as noted by Judge Sanders, who rules in favor of the client.

Judge Gloria Weldon is back, enlisting Allen's aid in defending herself against a drug charge after being caught with an illegal tea concoction. Denny practicually thrusts himself onto - and all over - Gloria, much to the chargin of both Gloria and Alan, whom admits his attraction to Gloria to Denny. Alan gets the charges dropped at the D.A.'s office by painting an unpretty picture for the prosecutor, but when it comes time for Gloria to "reward" Alan, the normally lecherous Alan refuses the favor Gloria has in mind - and asks the judge to dinner! Reluctantly, Gloria accepts - although she clearly prefers the quicker option.

Clarence defends a college student "dis-invited" from a sorority for being socially awkward. But Clarence is equally outraged when he finds out who is defending the shallow sorority head - Jerry Espenson. Clarence angrily confronts Jerry, believing it wrong for a fellow outcast to represent someone like this. Clarence resists slipping into Clavon while trying the case, and at one point even asks the sorority head if she would accept someone with Jerry's condition - even provoking Jerry to an enraged fight outside the court toom. Jerry tries to slip back into wooden cigarette mood, but Clarence sees right through it, and Jerry retreats. However, afterwards, in front of both Clarence and Alan, who watches from the sidelines, Jerry's closing defends his client's action as a way of preparing college students from the real world, which will unfairly judge them just as his client has. Jerry's closing hits close to him, as he details how bto Clarence and Alan - both of whom Jerry calls good and kind men - exploited his condition in order to win seperate cases and better serve their client's interest. Jerry is once again victorious, though Clarence's client isn't upset about the loss.

And finally, Brad and Denise are already having problems as Brad wants to be married in uniform - something Denise fears will tarnish the ceremony in the eyes of her anti-war parents. Paul plays peackeeper, and at one point passionately rails against Brad for not making his reasoning known to Denise, and expecting her to accept his wishes without question. Later, Brad explains his convictions to Denise, and though Denise's reaction isn't given, it is presumpably positive.

The episode ends with Denny and Alan on the balcony. Alan is admittedly displeased with Denny's action, though he's more terrified of entering into a relationship with Gloria, having been out of love for so long. Denny encourages him, so long as she doesn't cut into their "friend time".

An okay episode, pitting Clarence and Hands against one another was the highpoint - one which deserved the entire episode. Simon's story served very little purpose in the end, and could have probably been removed - giving more time to three subplots which desperately needed further detail.

Next episode appears to be the season finale, although a fourth season has already apparently been renewed. It looks particularly interesting as Jerry wants his job back - with Shirley handing that decision to the worse possible person - Denny Crane!

Posted by Richard on May 1, 2007 11:08 PM
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