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Boston Legal Fodder

Boston Legal: Duck and Cover

The episode begins with the revelation that Denny Crane has indeed stolen the Stanley Cup, intent on etching his name on it! Alan, however, stops him, since they are late for Denise and Brad's wedding. The priest asks to speak to Alan regarding an urgent legal matter after the ceremony - Alan assumes its something about the priest's womanizing ways, as he hits on Shirley just moments before the ceremony. But these theories are further trumped when federal agents arrive in Denise's place - storming the church to take the priest into custody for harboring an illegal immigrant and her naturally-born eight year old. Alan agrees to represent the priest and he and company are hauled off by federal agents in front of the wedding party. In court, the prosecution paints the priest as a common criminal, but Alan typically cuts through the heated rhetoric to humanize his defendant. However, he hits a stumbling block when the prosecution offers the illegal immigrant a green card in exchange for testimonies. The priest adamantly refuses to dissuade the immigrant from taking the deal - he in fact encourages her even at the great cost to his own personal freedom. Despite a passionate closing on Alan's behalf, the jury still finds the priest guilty of harboring an illegal immigrant. Alan moves for an appeal, but the priest is not saddened by the verdict - he's glad he did it, and would do it again.

The main action, however, is occuring with Brad and Denise, who is now in labor. Brad suddenly freaks out when he realizes his child will be a "bastard" since him and his bride are not yet married. He then frantically searches for a priest to prevent Denise from "effacing a bastard". Alan and the original priest try to help, but their court date is scheduled one hour after their hearing. This leaves only one other option - the oft-befuddled Judge Sanders, who bumbles through the ceremony much to the painful chargin of Denise. Eventually they are married, however, and Denise a beautiful baby girl - who she jokingly inquires bears a slight resemblance to her former partner, Jeffrey Coho.

Newly-hired Jerry "Hands" Espenson also finds himself representing a woman who claims to need a duck companion to calm her mental impairments, but the landlord threatens to evict her on the grounds of "No Pets Allowed". Though Hands initially scoffs at representing "the duck lady", he eventually comes to sympathize with the woman, and grows fond of the duck - whom Denny inadvertantly fires a shotgun blank at. The duck is seemingly unharmed, and Hands convinces the super to back off of his client by bringing to notice many other violations the super may be guilty off. However, the duck suddenly has a heart attack and, well, quacks - the cause of death being the shotgun scare. Shirley angrily confronts Denny and threatens to fire him if he doesn't shape up, but Denny replies that Shirley is in denial about getting old herself.

Brad celebrates with cigars. The baby girl's name is supposed Bradley (a nod to Brad's infamous inflexibility). Once presented with a cigar, Jerry slips back into offensive lawyer mode inadvertantly, until Shirley flicks his cigar away. Denny presents Brad with a special cigar - an exploding gag one - and the look that Shirley flashes him could show a confrontation on the horizon for the likes of Denny Crane and Shirley Schmidt.

The episode ends with Alan and Denny drinking from the Stanley Cup - and inadvertantly dropping it off the balcony!

Overall, an awesome episode with quite a lot of humor in stride. I would have liked to have seen more with regards to the duck lady - how did she cope, did she get a new duck, and is there any further contact between her and Jerry? However, I'm extremely intrigued about the upcoming season finale, which shows Denny Crane's place at the firm even further imperiled during a high profile murder case alongside Alan Shore.

Posted by Richard on May 15, 2007 11:03 PM
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