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Boston Legal Fodder

Boston Legal: The Truimphant Return of Alan Shore

This episode also marks a sombering return for Jerry "Hands" Espenson, who acts as a prosecutor against one of Alan's clients, fired from a Boston psychiatry practice for his insistent claim of seeing a UFO. Jerry prances about with no sign of his quirks, chomping on a fake wooden cigarette in what appears to be a hybrid Alan/James Cagney impression. Constantly interrupting Alan, Jerry shows no loss of steam in the case, until one private moment when Jerry provokes Alan, who pushes back hard, cutting the novice trial lawyer to the core of his insecurities. Alan provides a settlement for Jerry - his client will no longer discuss the UFO sighting in return for his job. Alan reminds Jerry that the practice of law forces those involved to do harsh and horrible things - things which Alan excells at. Jerry accepts the settlement, but the damage is already done to their friendship.

But Alan is double-tasked this episode - as a good friend also stole the body of her father, propped up on display with his organs revealed to show the effects of alcoholism on the body. Alan proves the decision was made not by the father, but by the mother, in a possible act of revenge for years of neglect and potential abuse. But the opposition also proves the act of Alan's client was more a desperate attempt to appeal to her own religious beliefs and far from the atheist thinkings of her father. Alan, a bit rattled by his verbal attack on Jerry, gives a brief but powerful closer appealing to the compassion of humanity - and the jury - effectively winning the case.

Clarence is constantly seen at Alan's side, but he doesn't mind the workload. He has a hot date with Claire, and promptly reveals to Alan he's nervous given the fact that he's still a virgin. Alan confides this information in Claire, who confronts Clarence and charges him to speak about his feelings and concerns with her. Unfortunately, this particular storyline gets the short end of the stick this episode, and the exact ramifications are unknown - perhaps better left until next episode.

Brad and Denise are once again at it. Denise is angered by Brad's dating of blonde bimbos while she is about to go into pregnancy. Brad insists on dating Denise, but also insists on his values - which, yes, are so far-flung old-fashioned that even Denise and their therapist (the same therapist Alan referred Jerry to in "Can't We All Get A Lung") are incredibly disgusted. Still, Brad doesn't want Denise to go through this thing alone, and there seems hope for the ultimate star-crossed couple, as Brad insists on asking and not telling Denise to give them a chance.

And finally, disaster ensues when Denny is dragged to temple with the Jewish Bethany. Things are going fine . . . or as fine as the hammy Denny singing in temple can be . . . until a slumbering Denny is spit-balled by two kids in the front row. Denny retaliates - and shoots the rabbi by accident, taking out his eye. Denny is then sued by the temple representatives, but starts going on about the Israel/Lebannon crisis, offending both the one-eyed rabbi, his lawyer and Bethany, who breaks up with him once again! The episode ends with Denny and Alan chatting on the balcony in a somber scene, with both reminding one another that, at the end of the day, they are lawyers, and all that entails.

Overall, the episode is a truimphant return to a more Alan-centered storyline. However, the episode misses out on a crucial episode - pairing Clarence with Jerry for at least some screen time. Clarence, once the over-the-top member of the cast, sits in complete amazement of the crazed quirky Jerry - there really should have been something here. Oh, well - there's always next time.

Posted by Richard on February 20, 2007 11:04 PM
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