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Bones: The Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House

Okay – Bones is back on with one ep left in the season. Sorry, guys, I think there was an episode last week and I totally missed it! Anyway, on with the show.

As with almost every epe, B&B arrive at a crime scene where their vic is GLOWING. They are discussing Hodgins’ failed marriage proposal to Angela and their talk turns to love, etc. etc. Homeland Security thinks it might be radioactive. He also thinks B&B are a couple. My first thought about Ms. Glowbee? Bioluminescence, the stuff that makes fish glow in the dark – and I was right! But since our heroes don’t know they have to don on radioactive suits and pop potassium iodine pills. The Geiger counter shows regular rad levels so they are at a loss as to why the body is glowing.

They take the body back to the Jeff and discover multiple stab wounds. Everyone keeps asking ol’ Hodgey what is making the body glow and he snaps back that he doesn’t know yet. The convo turns back to Hodgins’ marriage proposal but he blows it off like it doesn’t matter when you can see full well it does.
Saroyan takes a fleshy hand from the vic and cuts a finger off from it (eww!) She then uses fabric softener to rehydrate the skin (and make it cuddly soft) so she can pull a print from it. The print belongs to Carly Victor, an up and coming chef.

Angela locates Carly’s Myspace page. Booth has heard about Carly’s famous mac and cheese. Bones has actually had it at the super-exclusive restaurant Carly owns. Angela is assigned to investigate all the “friends” on Carly’s page.

B&B go to Carly’s restaurant and meet up with Dan, Carly’s husband. He pretends Carly is too busy to come out to chat with them, but our fearless duo know better. Dan is shocked about Carly’s death and thought she and her friend Abby took off for Atlantic City as they ocassionally do. They had left the restaurant together to make restaurant’s deposit since there had been a rash of robberies at local restaurants.

At the Jeff, Hodgins and Angela find as many jealous chefs as there are fans on Carly’s MySpace page, all the while canoodling. Camille comes in tells them to get a room. Suddenly Hodgins gets an idea and tells them to check out all the sushi restaurants/connection. Later, Hodgins reveals the glow on the bones is from a phosphorescent bacteria often associated with sushi fish. They go back to Carly’s page and find a friend of Carly’s who is a sushi chef.

B&B question Abby’s boyfriend, Ben, who’s a Marine. He was off at training during the crime. He wants them to find Abby. Abby and Ben are business partners with Carly and Dan. They also hit up the sushi bar where Ernie, Carly’s friend, works. While Booth is sampling the toro, Booth is questioning him. They take Erni’s knives to test. Ernie says Dan was highly jealous of their relationship.

Back at the Jeff, research shows that Ernie’s knives weren’t used in the crime. Investigation shows Dan took out a $2 million policy out on Carly.

B&B go to the restaurant to talk to Ben and Dan. The restaurant has been shut down since Carly’s death. Bones sees a missing knife in a set on the wall. Dan says the knife was missing for years. When he sees that B&B think he is Suspect #1, he rushes Booth who quickly pins him to the table. Before it can escalate further, they get a call that Abby’s car has been found. Bones takes the knives.

Abby is still alive, in the trunk of the car. They find ceramic shards in the car, along with semen and vaginal residue on the back seat of the car. Was Carly raped before she died, they wonder? B&B go to question Abby who doesn’t remember much. She says she was attacked by a masked man.

The semen sample belonged to Ben, the vaginal residue to Carly. So now they think Ben did it. He was left alone to do survival training out in the woods so he could have easily left his location and kill Carly, but not before raping her. He denies everything but then asks for a lawyer when they tell him of the semen sample they found.

At the Jeff, Hodgins has devised the ceramic piece are part of a super sharp ceramic knife. They conclude Abby was the murderer. Abby discovered Ben and Carly’s affair and knew about the cermaic knives. After murdering Carly, she locked herself in the trunk to appear like she was a victim. B&B go to the hospital to arrest Abby.
Angela comes into the main room at the Jeff where Hodgins is working on some surprise. He tells Angela he wants her for who she is and if marriage isn’t a part of it, it’s okay. He turns down the light and glowing fish sticks spell out “Be my love.” Angela is so touched that she asks Hodgins to marry him.

Ep closes with Bones making mac and cheese for Booth. He thinks it’s delicious, in fact he “wants to be alone with it.” She tells him she added a little nutmeg to it.


Okay, this was a pretty decent episode. Still not down with the Angela/Hodgins coupling though. Just doesn’t work for me. Sorry.

I noticed they kept referring to uni (sea urchin) being cut with a knife early in the investigation. I love me some uni sushi and most sushi chefs I’ve seen use a spoon to prepare as uni has a very soft and easy breakable texture.

Ok, who else thought we would see to-go boxes in Bones’ kitchen housing the mac and cheese she plated up for her and Booth’s romantico dinner? :D I was sure we would see a Stouffer’s box or something. And come on, that little serving of mac and cheese on a plate? Just put the whole dish on the plate and chow! I did love the line of Booth’s to the effect of (the mac and cheese is) “so good I want to be alone with it.” I laughed out loud on that one.

Next week is the season finale! Hodgins and Angela get married!

If you get TV Guide, there are pics of the wedding party in this upcoming week’s issue (Dancing with the Stars is on the cover).

What did you think?

Posted by Connie on May 10, 2007 2:47 PM
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Not down with "Hodgela" either. Which made the past few episodes a major yawner for me (Except for the occasional great moments delivered by Booth, Zack Cam and Hodgins - when not hen pecked by Angela)

-- Posted by: Edgeoforever at May 11, 2007 6:20 AM

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