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Bones: The Priest in the Churchyard

So sorry for the late post! I thought I posted it, but never did!

B&B arrive at an old church cemetary where a water main has burst and coffins and bodies have surfaced and spilled out. The bodies need to be ID’d and put back in their respective places, but one skeleton is a fairly new one when all the others are over 50 years old.

Hodgins determines that the vic is only about 3 years dead. Angela comes up with a composite. B&B question Father Donlan, who runs the church. A young Father Sands agrees to help B&B and tells them that Father Donlan isn’t keen on his modern approach to religion.

After fighting about religion, B&B have diner with Dr. Wyatt. He suggests that their argument about religion wasn’t about that, but something much deeper.

Booth brings Angela to the church service where they question the parishioners to see if anyone has seen the vic. One young boy recognizes the man as Father McCourt once Angela added a beard to the composite.

Back at the Jeff, the squints find broken fingers and wrists on teh vic and traces of gold hinting that it might hav ebeen a grave robbery. Cam finds traces of a toxic chemical in the soil so everyone has to get shots.

B&B talk to Father Sands who tells them Father Donlan had access to the cemetary as he tended the grounds. He complains of a stomachache and Brennan thinks he might be affected by the toxin as well.

Hodgins and Angela search online auctions and pawn shop registries for the missing jewelry from the graves. Cam says that the toxin in the soil is rare enough that they can pinpoint anyone who has been infected over the past few years. She also finds traces of silver on McCourt’s skull.

B&B talk to the boy who ID’d McCourt and their relationship. He says McCourt never touched him, but when rumors flew, Father Donlan got into a huge fight with McCourt. They also talk to the Lorraine, the church secretary, about photos of the daed so they can see what type of jewelry they were buried with. Bones spots a silver chalice. She takes it to examine back at the Jeff. The squints confirm the chalice was used to bash in McCourt’s skull after he was killed. Cam has proof he was poisoned.

Father Sands is still sick and Bones believes he’s being poisoned too. They question Father Donlan who confesses he didn’t kill him but suspects who did. Lorraine eventually confesses to the murder because she thought McCourt was molesting children. She was doing the same to Father Sands because she thought the same of him.


Definitely not one of the best eps I've seen of this show. I do love Dr. Wyatt and would love to see more of him on the show. Maybe they can replace Hodgins/Angela love scenes with scenes with Dr. Wyatt! What do you think?

Posted by Connie on April 4, 2007 3:13 PM
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