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Bones: The Killer in the Concrete

B&B go to Baltimore to investigate a chunk of concrete with a skeleton found by a cadaver dog. (In reality, this scene was shot at the water reclamation plant in Van Nuys, California.) Booth is preoccupied with his toothache.

Back at the Jeff, the Squints excavate the remains from the chunk of concrete. They determine vic is male, with gunshot and stab wounds but also a hole in his skull probably from an ice pick. Booth has the FBI pull files on similar murders.

It’s been a year since Bones buried her mom so Angela escorts her to the cemetary to allow Bones proper closure. Bones’ dad, Max Keenan arrives. He was hoping she’d show. He wants to tell her stuff about her mom. Bones calls the cops. Dad takes off.

Bones goes home and her dad is there, surprising her. He wants her to look at his rap sheet before she calls the cops again. He tells her he loves her and leaves.

At the FBI, Booth shoes Bones a file on their vic, Billy Ray McKenna, who was involved with Gallagher, a Baltimore crime boss. McKenna’s “co-worker,” Hugh Kennedy was known for killing people with an ice pick. Looks like Kennedy was killed in a car accident where his leg was severed. Luckily, the leg was held as evidence. Bones wants to make sure it’s really Kennedy’s leg.

Booth meets up with Veleska Miller, the bounty hunter who last say Kennedy. She doesn’t give Booth anything, but he invites her to breakfast. Bones calls and says the leg was cut off, not severed and to arrest Miller. By the time Booth turns around, she’s long gone.

They determine the leg is Kennedy’s. Zack and Ang show Cam probable cause to Billy Ray’s death. Angela shows Cam her little laser light show of a skull with an ice pick stabbed in it. If wiggled a certain way, it would paralyze the vic. With the concrete found in McKenna’s lungs and nostrils, it looks like he was buried alive in the wet concrete.
B&B question Gallagher who is accompanied by his lawyer, Clark Lightner.

Brennan’s dad shows up again, but Bones calls Booth on the sly. Max is wise to it and tells Booth to be careful of Kennedy and that he’s into model airplanes.

Booth goes to a model plane park looking for Kennedy. He causes a commotion by driving onto the field and people start yelling and chasing him. Bones tells him to look for the person not moving. He sees Kennedy and eventually follows him to his apartment building, but is knocked out by Kennedy before he can question him.

When Booth wakes up, he finds himself bound in a carpet and his toothache is miraculously gone. Kennedy packs his stuff and takes off, leaving Booth behind. Soon Gallagher finds him and knocks him out again.

Max finds Bones at the diner but she doesn’t have time for his antics. Booth is missing and she’s at a loss to help. Max offers his assistance.

Back at the model plane park, Bones questions a guy with her dad. When he won’t give them any info, Max threatens to stomp on his plane. He finally gives them Kennedy’s name and address. When Bones and her dad come to the apt. they are surprised by Veleska who attacks both of them, but Max and Bones are able to bring her down. Bones finds Booth’s tooth and wants to beat the bejesus out of Veleska until she gives up Booth’s location.
We then see Booth being beaten by Gallagher and Lightner. He’s a tough cookie, he won’t give them any information.

Bones goes back to the apartment where she finds her dad suffocating Veleska, trying to get info from her. She fesses up that the apartment was empty when she arrived. Max makes the assumption that Booth is with Gallagher from Booth’s previous notes. He figures Kennedy is retired from the “biz” and just wants to live a quiet life.

Back at the Jeff they confirm the tooth is Booth’s. They discover a chemical on McKenna’s body that is laminant. They pour over Gallagher’s tax records to find a receipt for a vaccuum plating processor and lo and behold – it’s on the first page Angela is looking at. It points them to an airplane hangar where Booth is being held.

Bones calls the FBI and totally lies to them to get the Feds out to the hangar. She and her dad raid the hanger to get Booth. Lightner is in the midsts of torturing booth with a red hot ice pick. Booth headbuts him as Gallagher takes off out the back. Max follows but Gallagher is swarmed by agents. Max retreats and asks for Brennan’s car keys. She tells him they are still in the ignition and he takes off.

We then see Max writing Bones a letter and placing a small glass dolphin on it, her mom’s favorite animal. Bones shows the letter to Booth at the diner as they sing an old song her dad used to sing to her and bond over that moment.

This was one of the better eps I’ve seen in awhile. Finally, Booth is in mortal danger and it’s Bones that saves the day!

I like Ryan O’Neal as Bones’ dad. I hope we see more of him in the future.

What did you think?

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on April 5, 2007 6:33 PM
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