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Bones Fodder

Bones: The Boneless Bride in the River

Vic is found in a steel chest, she’s been deboned, it’s just her flesh. Since there are no Bones, our Bones takes off to be with Sully. Hodgins and Zack inflate the head with a balloon which disgusts Cam who tells them to shut the machine down.

Cam does find a patella bone in the body and gives it to Zack to inspect.

Brennan meets up with Sully on a boat called “Dreamer” that he is contemplating on buying. Not long after, Booth shows up looking for Bones to tell her about the patella just as Bones and Sully are in the midsts of some hanky-panky.

Zack discovers that vic was in her early 20s and spent a lot of tim on her knees. He also points out that the bone shows a genetic defect known as Fong’s disease which is common in rural China. Booth goes to check with INS. Angela has made a drawing of what the vic would look like and she cross-refs it with the database. They match it up with a missing girl on a fiancee visa name Li Ling-Fan.

They question the would-be husband, Drew Harper, but he claims to no nothing of Li since they called off the wedding.

B&B talk to an Asian professor when Bones suggests it might be the ritual of Minghun – an Asian tradition where an unmarried male is buried with the bones of a young woman – a wife for the afterlife. Professor disagrees as the female bones are usually that of an already deceased woman – not that of one they would kill specifically for the bones.

Back at the FBI, B&B question the owner of the Perfect Wife, a matchmaking agency. She seems legit and she is crushed when she hears one of her would-be brides has been murdered.

The prof offers up some info that he’s been doing some covert research with a family of immigrants – a family that is planning a Minghun. Brennan wants to just look at one of the bones. Prof agrees but insists Brennan pretends to be his g.f. while Booth pretends to be her brother.

They go to the house and Bones slyly finds the bone in an porcelain box. She switches it out with a chimpanzee bone. Back at the lab, she determines the bone was cancerous and that cancer most likely killed the son. The squints go to search med records for an Asian cancer victim.

Sully enters and asks to speak privately with Bones. He’s bought the boat and he asks her to sail away with him, to take a sabbatical from the Jeff. Bones is speechless.

Zack enters with an ID for the Asian male – William Chang – who died two years ago. They question Chang’s family, but everyone is tight-lipped. Booth has the body exhumed, but they find nothing. The coffin was buried in a too shallow grave and had no body – just joss and hell notes – fake money the Chinese use as an offering for the deceased.

Bones asks Booth’s opinion about Sully’s offer and he tells her to take it. She asks Angela who also tells her to go.
At the Jeff, Hodgins tells them there was a body but it was removed last summer and the body was never embalmed. This puts the mortuary in suspect.

They bring in the Asian owners of the mortuary who eventually admit to everything and the Minghun is scheduled for tonight. B&B show up at the Minghun and ID both sets of bones as Chang’s and Li’s.

The squints match up the incisions on Li to an instrument from the mortuary. But as Li was poisoned, they still need to find the killer. They go back to Drew, the would-be husband. Sully and B&B corner Drew but he says he got a refund from the Perfect Bride so he wasn’t out any money. It was the agency that was out $25K.
They question the owner of the Perfect Bride again and she admits to working with the mortuary and the family so she can collect a $25K fee for provided their dead son with a “bride.”

Back at the boat, Brennan waves goodbye to Sully, who is sailing off into the sunset (sorta). He’s renamed the boat “Temperance.” She’s told him she can’t leave because she loves her work, but he understands. Booth arrives just as Sully sails off to take Bones to breakfast and soothe her sorrowed brow.


Minghun is an actual ritual. Creepy but true.

Interesting ep. Do you think Sully will be back?

Next week’s ep ought to be good. B&B go together to one of Booth’s therapy sessions with the good doctor!

What did you think?

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on March 23, 2007 6:56 PM
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