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Bones Fodder

Bones: Bodies in the Book

Missed it? Watch in online now.

Ep opens with Bones and Sully in bed when the phone rings. She’s a little preoccupied with Sully playing tongue twister on her body so she quickly ends the call.

At the Jeff, Bones finds her publicist, Ellen Laskow, and her assistant, Hank, waiting for her but soon Booth shows up and whisks her away to a crime scene.

B&B are at the marina where pieces of the victim (ewww) were found in the water. Divers found the rest of the body strapped with red tape to the anchor of the boat – just like the first victim in Bones’ current best-seller.
Bones and the squints discover that the vic is male, mid-40s, and dead for five days. He has a bullet hole in his skull. Booth comes in, followed shortly by Sully, who’s not on the case, but wants to help his newfound girlfriend. Angela gets an ID on the vic – Glenn Lopata.

Glenn’s wife is distraught over her husband’s deather, but wifey’s brother, Greg, isn’t so much. Turns out he didn’t really like his BIL.

Back at the lab, Booth arrives with wife’s hospital records – looks like she’s been abused. Greg probably knew his sister was being smacked around and did something about it. Hodgins determines the red tape is a specific kind and commonly used at airports. Greg works at an airport – Ding! Ding!

B&B interrogate Greg but he denies killing his BIL. He says he was camping and many people saw him. Bones notices two of his fingers are fused together. Booth gets a call – another murder – just like the second murder in her current book. This vic is in a glass cage being eaten by lab rats – double ewwwww!

They find out the body is that of Sadie Keller, a rich woman from the area, whose husband now stands to collect a substantial amount of money. Sully enters with confirmation that Greg was camping the night of Glenn’s murder.
Sadie was also shot, but there’s no exit wound and no bullet. It must be in one of the rats – triple ewwww! Both bullets turn out to be from the same gun which posits the theory of a serial killer but Brennan believes the murders were too different to be the same person. They find a piece of fan mail from Brennan’s stalker, Oliver Laurier.

Booth goes to Oliver’s but Oliver shuts him out. Booth shoots the lock off the door “My shrink is gonna be pissed...” Booth enters and finds life-size dolls hanging from the ceiling wrapped in red tape. Booth cuffs Oliver. Oliver reveals during his interrogation that he is a “Brennanite” and visits a chat room to discuss her books. He moves over to touch Brennan and she decks him, causing his nose to bleed. At the sight of blood, Oliver faints, so clearly he isn’t their guy.

Booth escorts Brennan to a book signing where they meet up with Hank. Hank’s a little shaky as he’s diabetic so Bones digs around Booth’s car for some candy. Hank hasn’t see Ellen since she left the office to go change clothes for the book signing. Hank has her Blackberry so he can’t call her. He tells B&B to drive around back to sneak intot he signing. Near the back door they find a row of fire ants (just like in Brennan’s book) trailing to storage area where they find a dead Ellen, bound in red tape.

At the Jeff, they find bullet holes in Ellen and Sully finds a text message to Ellen from Sadie’s husband. Booth questions Hank who confesses that Ellen was secretly a lesbian and had many lovers. They are still trying to link the murders together, but Bones still thinks it’s three different killers. They quickly realize that since Hank always had Ellen’s Blackberry it was he who knew Sadie’s husband. They find a handprint on Ellen’s body that matches the fused fingers on Greg’s hand. Hank dosed Sadie with a lethal amount of insulin, which he had access to since he’s diabetic. They trace the screennames from the chat room Oliver mentioned back to the three guys.


I almost forgot the show was going to be on last night since it was off for awhile and I hadn’t seen any adverts for it recently.

Show was interesting. I did like the premise of three murderers instead of one. That was a bit of a twist.

I’m not liking Sully – I just don’t see the chemistry between the two like Bones & Booth have.
What did you think of the show?

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on March 15, 2007 3:56 PM
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