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Bones: The Man in the Cell

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This is the kind of ep I like to see. I was riveted for the whole hour. Is someone going to die in this ep? One of the squints. That someone being Cam?

Ep starts off with a jailhouse fire. B&B go to investigate and find one badly burned body. The assumption is that the body is serial killer Howard Epps who has been taunting Bones since Season One. Upon a little extra investigating, Bones finds the body had accelerant thrown on it and that the wrist Bones broke a while back is a freshly broken wrist. The charcoal briquette here is not our guy. Turns out it is a firefighter who came in on the call and was killed by Epps, allowing Epps to get away.

B&B warn Epps’ ex-wife who pretty much blows them off. “He like blondes. I’m not his type,” says the brunette. She refuses police surveillance and leaves. Cue the ominous music.

Epps calls Booth to taunt her and tells her to “use her head.” They trace the call to the phone booth, but of course by the time they get there, Epps is nowhere to be found, but he leaves Booth a vial of bone dust.

A scream from Angela has everyone tearing into her office. She is visibly shaken after she opened a box with a human heart in it. The Jeffersonian was supposed to have security, but the box got through the channels. It’s clear that Epps is trying to get to Bones through her friends and co-workers.

The squints examine it and the bone dust is mixed with various spices common to Indian curries. Epps’ ex-wife used to live over an Indian restaurant. They go there and the place is empty except for a refrigerator. Booth examines it to see if it is rigged to blow, but it’s not so they open it and in it they find the head of Caroline Epps. Ewwww.....

Back at the Jeff, they examine the head. White powder is found in her hair and Cam reveals that the head was cut off while Caroline was still alive. Double ewwwww....

Booth brings in Epps’ mom, who he has an attachment too. Epps’ mom is holier than thou and doesn’t understand how her son turned out the way he did. She tried to raise him like the Good Book says, but this is the woman who also bathed him ammonia because of the girls he spent time with. Which chapter/verse does it say to do that?

B&B are driving along when Cam calls to tell them she found a coin in Caroline’s mouth. The coin is a token from the merry-go-round Booth’s son frequents everyday. They make a beeline for the park and look for Booth’s son. They find him where he is starting to eat an ice cream bought for him by a stranger. Booth tosses it to the ground but notices the napkin has some writing. “My name is Parker. Ask me how I can solve this case.” Booth’s son, Parker, knows nothing.

Hearing about Booth’s son and the danger he was potentially in, Cam starts to cut into the skull of Caroline Epps with Zack looking on. A white powder shoots up into Cam’s face when she touches saw to skin. Zach grabs a mask and hits the alarm as Cam falls to the ground, convulsing.

Booth arrives at the hospital where Cam is, unconscious with fluid building in her lungs. Essentially, she’s drowning. Hodgins takes Cam’s clothes to try to isolate the powder and its origin.

Bones gets another call from Epps. He won’t reveal anything until he finds out which of the squints he got. When Bones reveals that it is Cam, Epps says cryptically, “The body knows what the head doesn’t.” Bones turns the tables on him when she tells him they have his mom in custody.

Booth wants answers now and tries to get Hodgins and Zack to make their best guesses. Zack suggests to Booth that he might want to do a Boolean search. Booth doesn’t get it so he does it himself and find info that leads them to a Parker leather goods store.

B&B and Zack arrive at the store with a bunch of agents in tow. They find the beheaded body of Caroline Epps on a table. A bag of dust sitting on her stomach. Zack grabs the bag and sets off the timer to the bomb. The whole building is evacuated except for Zack and Booth. Booth grabs Zack and on the count of three pulls the two of them back as the bomb explodes.

Cut to a news report about the explosion and that one person, Zack, died because of the blast and that Booth is in critical condition. Pan around to Bones’ office and we see Booth and Zack sitting there, perfectly fine, aside from some cuts and bruises.

Booth sends Bones home with a bunch of guards with an order to rest. She goes home and we see the shower running. Then we see Epps crawling through a hole in the wall he’s cut.

They’ve isolated the poison used on Cam and she’s back on the path to recovery. Booth is visiting her when he has a revelation about the poison and all the plaster dust it was hidden in. He shows up at Bones’ place. Epps is about to take a crowbar to Bones while she’s in the shower, but she one ups him and points a gun in his face, fully clothed. The shower was a decoy. Booth enters with his gun pointed at Epps too. Apparently that 180 IQ Epps touts didn’t plan for a Plan B. With no way out, Epps is not going back to jail and starts to take a leap over Bone’s balcony. Booth catches him but isn’t able to hold on (or just doesn’t want to) and Epps falls to his death, a burden to Bones no more.

Posted by Connie on February 1, 2007 5:02 PM
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