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Bones Fodder

Bones: The Girl in the Gator

Okay, just a blog update – I’m going to try to trim these recaps down. I don’t have time to do both blogs (Heroes and Bones). It’s that or drop Bones altogether. So feel free to add in anything I missed in the comments. Thanks!

Missed the ep? Watch it here.

Right – on to the recap!

B&B leave their regular hangout. Booth’s on the phone trying to get info but an ice-cream truck blaring it’s bad dingaling music is hindering that. Booth, bloody p.o.’d that can’t hear takes several shots at the speaker on the truck. Music stops, so does the truck, so does Brennan. Dang, do we have some issues here, Booth?

Brennan goes to the Everglades for their next case while Booth has to see a shrink to get a release signed off so he can go back to work.

bones_214-Sc23_8995_f.jpg The very British shrink, Dr. Wyatt, (Stephen Fry in some great casting) basically toys with him trying to get Booth to open up. He leaves Booth to finish building his outdoor grill while runs errands.

Meanwhile Bones is paired with a new hottie FBI agent, Sullivan/Sully (Eddie McClintock).

Victim was eaten by a local resident alligator who was shot dead because of it. They take the WHOLE alli back to the Jeff and dissect it. Brennan finds a locket in its mouth. The Squints find all kinds of things in it, including a human foot. They get a list of missing persons and pinpoint it to Judy Dowd, who had a cleft pallet fixed at age two which is indicated by marks in the skull.

They talk to the Dad, who explains it was just he and his daughter after her mom died. Dowd says Judy went on spring break with a friend. They question the friend who tells them of their cavorting. She tells them of pics on her website.

Cam finds evidence that Judy was raped. Hodgins finds pics of Judy on a Girls Gone Wild-type website called Hottie Student Body (HSB). Cam and Angela look at him like “What were you doing on that site?” Hodgins answers their unasked question with, “Hey, I opened up a pop-up and got caught in a PORNADO, what can I say?” LOL!

Zack finds evidence of stab wounds to Judy. So she was killed before she was eaten by Mr. Croc O. Dile. They find footage of Judy on the website with the website’s creator, Monty Gold. They question the smarmy Gold who blows them off.

Brennan goes on the HSB bus but gets kicked off by Monty. As she exits she is accosted by Isaac, a religious freak who follows the HSB bus and preaches righteousness to the women on the bus.

Monty’s people throw Brennan and Sully off by saying they saw Judy flirting with a bouncer a club. Total dead end there.

Zack and Angela find gold foil in Judy’s stomach which leads them to the fake Goldschlager soundalike liquor “Goldenrod”. Brennan and Sully get a search warrant and find bottles of it in the HSB bus fridge.

They later find Monty killed. Angela thinks Daddy Dowd is the killer. Daddy is questioned and confesses.

Hodgins shows Brennan and Sully various objects that could have possibly killed Judy, including a stick shift from a car. Sully remembers Isaac the religious zealot had a stick shift with a missing knob. They pull Isaac over and inspect his car to find traces of blood on the stick shift. They found their murderer.

Brennan and Sully part as partners but Sully quickly turns around and asks Brennan out, theoretically. Theoretically she says yes...

Wyatt and Booth talk – yada yada yada – when Booth confesses Epps was his 50th kill. “Kill?” Wyatt asks, “But you didn’t kill him, did you?” Booth doesn’t answer for a moment, he’s not sure. Wyatt smiles and signs the release.


LOVE LOVE LOVE Stephen Fry! He’ll be on for at least another episode, but I hope they make his character a semi-regular. I love the banter between him and Booth.

Can’t decide if Sully is cute or not. Next week’s ep will be interesting when Sully confronts Booth about his feelings for Brennan!

What did you think?

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on February 8, 2007 2:33 PM
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I'll be sad to see the Bones recaps 'trimmed'. You do a great job! Thanks for taking the time you have already.

-- Posted by: Starbuck at February 9, 2007 8:16 AM

A few things.
First, if you actually want Bones fans to read/link your blog you should maybe not display the "I don't have time for this s*" 'tude.
Secondly, recaps are not necessary. Those who missed the episode can watch it on line or read recaps made by people who - um- have the time. People who saw it, may look for commentary rather than recaps.
The commentary should get beyond the "Booth and Wyatt talk - yada-yada-yada".
I used to link your blog at my Rotten Tomatoes daily - but your work is dripping with too much contempt this time, so you won't make the cut.
After all, now that "Bones"' ratings are going up every week, I have plenty of coverage to chose from - and maybe TV fodder will pick a less exhausted blogger.
If you think I am impressed you were promoted to blogging about "Heroes", I am not.
Be checking with ya later - but you just lost some 8,000 views for tv fodder - I wonder how your boss will feel about it.

-- Posted by: Edgeoforever at February 9, 2007 10:47 AM

Sorry you feel that way, Edge. I do the best I can but as I have a full time job and a full load of classes, unfortunately these blogs take a low priority for me (as we do volunteer our time for this).

All blogs on TV Fodder contain a recap and commentary, that's the format.

I'll do my best to keep up the blog, but due to time and other commitments, I may have to trim it down some weeks.

Feel free to contact my boss with any comments you may have about this or any other issues.

Thanks for viewing the Bones blog.

-- Posted by: C. at February 9, 2007 1:09 PM

The fact is, this show has legions of ardent fans, many of whom are good writers as well. Some do recaps, some commentary - and they do it for the love of it. They'd each have a better way of describing the Boreanaz-Fry scenes than "yadda-yadda-yadda"
Why volunteer to do something you have no interest in?
But then again,I noticed that the last piece of news about Bones I can find on this website is that it moves to Fridays in mid-season...To quote you: yadda-yadda-yadda

-- Posted by: Edgeoforever at February 10, 2007 12:59 AM

First, it is of course BONES who is paired with Sully, not Booth.

Second, I don't think any therapist would agree to the description of his process as "toying" with the client. It's demeaning to everyone involved, and it's certainly wasn't the case.

Stephen Fry aside, the guy opposite him also did a bloody good job in that last scene.

-- Posted by: Tamara at February 21, 2007 6:52 AM

Hi, it's me--you know me: the recipient of the TJ's gift card yesterday. I love BONES though I am a latecomer, and just finished the second season on DVD--in the nick of time for the third season. Big fan of Stephen Fry as well. Good blog!

-- Posted by: EKS at September 21, 2007 6:44 PM

Connie, contact me...I might need your help.


Mike Grouse

-- Posted by: Mike Gouse at October 18, 2007 1:25 PM

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