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Bones: The Woman in the Sand

B&B are in Vegas (or its outskirts) investigating the remains of a federal prosecutor who went missing five years prior. Bones preliminary findings are that the remains are male and he was beaten with a cylindrical object – like a bat or a pipe. As they are wrapping up their field investigation, Bones sees a vulture flying overhead. The others brush it off – they are next to a dead body – Encyclopedia Brown – I mean Bones – makes the point that vultures only linger around fresh kills. They investigate and find female remains no more than two weeks old. From the injuries on the body, they determine that the same person dumped both bodies.

Dental records confirm the five year old remains to be Mason Roberts, the federal prosecutor and that he was beaten to death with a baseball bat. Investigating the other body, they find she was also probably beaten with a bat, but also find evidence of spousal abuse. Female body also had hearing aids and computer whiz, Angela (sans a lingering Hodgins) notes that from the serial numbers given off the aids, the body matches one Billie Morgan.

B&B question Billie’s hubby, Don, who tells him that he and Billie fought because she wanted to help with the family finances by stripping and he wouldn’t allow it. He later gave in and borrowed eight grand from a load shark, Louise Mackey, to get Billie breast implants.

B&B go to the casino to find Mackey and Booth is looking a little in pain. That’s when Bones remembers that he’s a recovering gamble-holic. Booth says he can take it and they question Mackey and fish for info, but with no avail.

Back at the Jeffersonian, the squints find that Roberts was strangled with a garrote and then beaten with the bat. Billie had a punctured lung from the broken bat. Some sort of specialized grease (monitored by the EPA) on Billie’s body points to an auto mechanic shop. Bones is on the line and they conclude that Billie was a bare-knuckle fighter, probably in an underground gaming ring.

B&B go back to question Billie’s hubby and he says the commission took her license away and that she hadn’t fought in years. B&B go and investigate an abandoned auto shop and with her light “thingy” (as Booth calls her blacklight) they see remnants of blood everywhere and tape on the floor signifying this was the stage for many underground fights.

B&B go back to Mackey for some more non-answers when Booth sees an old Army buddy, Frankie, being shook down by Mackey. Mackey leaves and Booth’s buddy gives B&B the info they’re looking for on underground fight clubs. Frankie tells them an old prizefighter, Joe Nolan, now a gym owner, will give you an 800 number for fight info since the arena moves around every week.

Armed with this new info, Booth decides they are going to go undercover as newlyweds. Booth, why don’t you feed Bones one of those infamously bad pick up lines (like “I’m no Fred Flintstone, but I can make your Bed rock!) instead? It would work a lot faster. Back at the hotel, B&B are getting into character. Here’s where the fun comes in. Bones comes out in about the ugliest frock. Booth gives her some line about having enough bibles but try next door (she did look like she was dressed as a nun) and she makes the comment that, “You said I could dress like a schoolteacher.”

“Yeah, but I was talking about the kind of schoolteacher you fantasize about. Here, try the outfit I picked out.” (paraphrased) Okay, a) when did he have the time to shop and b) is she going to open up the garment bag and find nothing? Hah!

You can hear Bones trying to suck her non-existent gut in to whatever outfit Booth has picked out for her (how did he know her size anyway?) She wobbles out and stops Booth cold. He’s just... speechless. He knew she was hot, but DAAAAMMMMNNN!

Bones gets a call from Cam with more info on Billie. Whoever she was fighting before her death, her opponent was about 5’6” and left handed. Booth is making some comment about her outfit being “HOT” as he is zipping Brennan up. A comment totally overheard by Cam and Angela. Ouch. But YEAH!

B&B arrive at the gym like a film noir couple (and talking like one too), Booth giving Bones a nice butt-slap as they approach Joe Nolan and ask about bare-knuckle fighting. Joe gives the 800 number, but for a hefty cash price.

B&B show up at the fight and Bones has some words with a fighter who promptly punches him in the face. Cut to later and we find out the fighter was actually an undercover agent, Walt, who punched Booth so he wouldn’t blow his cover. Walt tells them he remembers Billie and the last fight he saw her in was against a Latina named Marisol. She’s left-handed. He also tells B&B that his wrist is hurt and if can’t fight he’ll be pulled out of the rotation and his gig will be up.

Bones offers to fake a fight with him so he can stay undercover. Bones gets a call from Hodgins who tells her that he found pine oil on both bodies.

The pick up Marisol and send her to the Jeffersonian for a body scan. Through their reenactment, they find Marisol lost the fight to Billie.

Booth is about to fight Walt when they pull Walt out and replace him with their best fighter – uh-oh for Booth. Bones watches Booth’s opponent and notices his weak spots from his movements. She tells Booth to attack certain points which he does and wins.

Angela, the People Whisperer, talks to Marisol and discovers that the fight promoter, Nick, who is the son of local Vegas mobster Sweet Pete, doesn’t like to lose.

Back in Vegas, Joe Nolan tells B&B that they should just do as Nick tells them. Bones notices Joe itching his hand and asks him about it. She tells Booth that pine oil is used to treat such skin symptoms. They then confess to Joe who they are and ask him about the bodies in the desert. He said he put them there but didn’t kill them. He had to do as Sweet Pete and Nick asked because he got sucked into that world long ago with no way to get out.

Sweet Pete and Nick are arrested and the case closed.


I liked the special FX in this ep. The flyovers of Vegas in the opening and the flyover goes to the desert where B&B pull up to the crime scene. Also at the end when the end the ep with a throw of casino chips and a hand scooping them up.

I noticed in past episodes that Tony Wharmby was one of the executive producers on the show. This brings to mind the 1980s British detective series Dempsey & Makepeace that he was also a producer on. Tonight’s ep reminded me too much of the Dempsey & Makepeace ep, “The Prizefighter.” In that ep, Dempsey & Makepeace go undercover as a couple (sound familiar?) to investigate the murder of a boxer (deja vú?) in the underground world of bare-knuckle fighting. In the middle of it all, Dempsey gets put into the ring and has to box himself. Gee... can we say unoriginal? Sounds like the idea was revamped for Bones...

I thought the ending was a little weak. It seemed liked they realized they were out of time and tied up the show within five minutes.

What are your thoughts?

-- K. L. Connie Wang


Posted by Connie on November 9, 2006 2:33 PM
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I loved this episode, ending included.
Light on forensics, heavy on physical action/characters - it's what I always wanted. The ending was good - the talk to the baddie was poignant and Bones caving into superstition "for a good cause" was a satisfying little twist.

-- Posted by: Edgeoforever at November 9, 2006 11:27 PM

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