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Bones Fodder

Bones: The Headless Witch in the Woods

B&B investigate the headless body of a male found in the woods. The ranger escorting them tells the tale of Maggie Cinders, a witch from the 18th century who was beheaded. Locals believe she has haunted the woods ever since. Small ornamental objects adorn the woods around the body. Bones IDs the body as a male, 18-25. She finds a video camera in his hand.

Back at the Jeffersonian, the squints examine the body. Hodgins pinpoints he death to one year ago. Booth pipes in with info that a University of Virginia student, Graham Hastings, went missing a year ago while filming a documentary on Maggie Cinders. Angela’s cleaned up the tape and plays back footage of Graham and two others (much like the Blair Witch trio) in the woods. Graham is sprayed with blood as the two others run off. Cam reaches for Booth’s hand in comfort. Bones sees the discreet display of affection between the two.

Bones finds markings on victim’s wrist suggesting he was trying to block something from hitting his head. Hodgins finds remnants of a wood that has been extinct since the 18th century. Wood that is said to be the handle of Maggie Cinder's ax.

B&B sit with Will, Graham’s brother. Will, a firefighter, explains he raised Graham by himself after their parents died. Bones sympathizes. If only her own brother stayed around to help raise her... The two bond. Will goes on to say Graham went into the wood with two other film students.

Booth later tells Bones that Graham had a scholarship but when he died, the other guy in the woods with him, Brian, got the money. They go to question Brian. Bones mentions she’s having coffee with Will. Jealous yet, Booth?
Booth questions Brian, who says something or somebody was out in the woods with them that night. Lori, the other part of the trio, freaked and took off. Booth asks where Lori is so he can question her. Brian tells him she’s in the psych ward.

As he questions Lori, she rambles on about her secret relationship with Graham and that she’s waiting for him to come back from the woods. When reality sets in, she starts to freak again as she relives the night of horror when Graham was killed.

Brennan meets Will for coffee. They totally connect, but something Will says about Graham, sets Brennan’s wheels a turnin’ and she heads back to the lab.

Cam comes in to tell B&B that she found residue of mushrooms and other hallucinogens that could have triggered Lori’s poor mental condition. They find no traces of drugs in Graham.

Booth asks Brian if they were on drugs the night in the woods. He says no, that they had to have a clear mind to film their doc that night. Something else was in the woods with them.

Hodgins and Angela go over the footage from the Graham’s vid cam. Hodgins is trying to determine the location they were at by the type of trees around them. He sees the time and date off Lori’s watch which gives him enough – paired with the angle of the moon’s shadows – to determine location.

B&B and the ranger find the skull – most likely Graham’s. They find a second skull nearby – is it Maggie Cinders? Maggie’s skull turns out to be a skull from the medical school at the university where the kids went to school. Bones tells Brennan that the ramblings found in Graham’s backpack were written on the back of a screenplay he was working on. The same screenplay that Brian just produced that got accepted into Sundance.

B&B question Brian, but he sticks to not killing Graham. He admits to finding Lori in the woods, covered in blood. He tells them that he ditched her bloody clothes so she wouldn’t get in trouble. Booth has the clothes found and brought to the lab. Turns out the blood on her clothing is cow’s blood, not from a human. Someone spent a lot of time playing a trick on these three.

Nate Gibbons, Graham and Brian’s film professor, is brought in for questioning. His ID was used to access the med lab where the skull was stolen from. He says he reported his ID stolen days before but our guys aren’t buying it.
Angela finds evidence of a fourth person on the video footage. Fourth matches Nate’s height and weight. Bones goes to question Will about Nate. Will doesn’t recall any problems Graham had with the prof, but he pours on the charm and kisses Brennan.

At the lab, the squints tell B&B finds some flame retardant chemicals on Graham’s skull. Chemicals only used by firefighters. Booth recalls Will being a firefighter and he is also the same height and weight as the fourth unknown in the footage.

Booth tracks Bones down at the restaurant and apologizes to Bones before he arrests Will. Will tells Booth that he was out in the woods to help Graham. When he found out Graham had drugged Lori to make her hallucinate and crazed, Will backed out. The two got into a fight. He didn’t want his little brother to be this monster he had become. He had to stop him. But it was Maggie Cinders that told him to behead his brother... Bones looks at him in horror, a single tear falling down her face.

Angela and Hodgins look at one last bit of footage. On it, appears to be the ghost of Maggie Cinders. The two decide it’s just chemicals or lighting in the footage and ignore it.

Brennan is in her office, resigned to the fact she’ll never connect with anyone that isn’t a criminal. She’s destined to be alone. Booth comes in and consoles her, giving her a big hug. Umm, Bones – he’s right there, hugging you!


Another take off The Blair Witch Project (I went to school with the creators!). They even had Josh Leonard (one of the Blair Witch trio) guest star as Nate Gibbons, the professor, in this ep.

Not the greatest ep, but any footage of darkened woods and people running, a flash of this and that here and there – always scary.

Brennan always has the most intricate necklaces – for someone who is supposedly all scientific and morose, she has great taste in jewelry.

Next ep is two weeks from now.

What did you think of the show.

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on November 30, 2006 1:14 PM
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