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Bones: The Girl with the Curl

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In last night’s ep, B&B arrive at a water treatment plant to find a the remains of a nine-year old girl in the system’s pipelines. Back at the lab, Bones notes the teeth aren’t discolored (veneers, maybe?) Cam is testing samples for a DNA ID but it’s difficult because her hair was bleached. What 9-year old bleaches their hair, they all wonder. Booth is trying to look like he recently slept with Cam and doing a horrible job of it. Hodgins finds traces of makeup on the victim’s skin. After Angela runs a composite they discover that the features matches that of Brianna Swanson, a local child beauty queen gone missing a few months ago.

B&B question Brianna’s mother who suspects her husband, a roofer. The squints discover that Brianna’s neck was broken and that she was kicked with steel toed shoes and that there was remnants of materials commonly used in roofing. They also discover that she was kicked after she died.

B&B go to question the father who denies any wrongdoing. He just wants to bury his daughter with love, not stage some beauty show act like his ex-wife would do.

Hodgins brings Angela remnants of paper found in Brianna’s pocket. Angela is looking over security footage from the night of Brianna’s abduction at the hotel. He also asks her out on a date. Angela promptly says no because she doesn’t want to mix business with pleasure. Downtrodden, Hodgins leaves.

Bones is examining x-rays of Brianna’s chest and shows that she was probably wearing a corset to bed to force her child’s body into an hourglass figure. Zack notes that she was on a calorie-controlled diet and on drugs to limit perspiration. All without prescriptions.

Angela interrupts them to show them footage of Ms. Swanson shaking and yelling at Brianna minutes before she went missing.

B&B question Mrs. Swanson who admits their argument but claims she went to the hotel bar to have a drink and cool off while she sent Brianna to her room. The bar was filled with other pageant moms. Booth asks her to name a few to corroborate her story.

Angela asks Brennan for relationship advice and Brennan stares blankly back at her. “You’re asking the wrong person...” she says, but more in a Bones way using a forensic simile. Bones tells Angela she should ask Cam – who at that moment enters. Bones spills Angela’s dilemma, much to Angela’s dismay, but takes Cam advice anyway – which is to have fun, the date will probably be a disaster and then you can all get back to work in a few days.

B&B head to a dance class to question the instructor/pageant runner. Booth chats up Kristen Mitchell, a mom of one of the contestants. Booth moves on to quiz the teacher while he sends Brennan to talk to the girls (in an unofficial capacity).

Hodgins shows Cam two species of larvae found on Brianna which puts her death within a mile radius of the hotel where she went missing. Cam leaves to call the Feds to have them check the storm drains in the area. Angela comes by to tell Hodgins she accepts his offer for a date.

Dance Teacher tells Booth that one of the contestant’s brother, Jeremy Ferrell, is always hanging around the pageant and that he’s a bit creepy. Booth considers him a prime suspect. Bones is chatting with the girls who tell her none of them liked Brianna but they had to be nice to her because she was “The Queen.” Booth parlays this into a monologue about societal classifications and hierarchy as the girls just look at her blankly. Booth comes by and pulls Bones up just as Jeremy walks in with steel-toed shoes.

Booth questions Jeremy with his mom present. Mom tells Booth that Jeremy is only there at the pageants because she makes him go to help with his sister’s stuff. He admits to having words with Brianna the day of her disappearance because she was ragging on her sister. Booth asks for his shoes and Jeremy’s mom demands that he give them to the FBI.

Squints examine the shoes but they are not the shoes they are looking for...The shoes aren’t steel-toed, they’re chrome. This puts Jeremy out as a suspect.

Hodgins takes Angela to the park recalling a comment she made (earlier in the ep) about the joys of being a child where being on a swing was the most important part of the day. His cheap date #1 – park swings with Angela. They have a moment as they are laughing on the swings and kiss.

Bones is back at the lab looking at the remnants of paper that Hodgins had given Angela to examine. Booth walks in and recognizes it as a ice cream bar that you only find at Red Shed convenience stores. Booth calls in for a search of Red Sheds within the hotel area.

B&B go to the Red Shed from the search where Bones is chowing down on an ice cream bar. She sees a storm drain and walks over to inspect it. There they find a pageant medal. They’ve found their crime scene.

Back at the lab, the squints are inspecting the storm drain. They’ve also determined the medal was from 1976 where the winner was named Kristen. B&B put two and two together and bring in Kristen Mitchell in for questioning. Zack is showing Bones the pattern of kicks to Brianna and determines their killer may have had a curved spine. They have Booth beam back footage of Kristen pacing the interrogation room. Zack and Bones immediately note that Kristen has “perfectly aligned buttocks” and therefore can not be their killer.

After more investigating, the crew conclude that Brianna fell and hit her chin on the parking bumper which broke her neck and then was dragged to the storm drain. She was kicked to shove her into the drain with steel toed tap shoes. Their killer is one of the pageant contestants.

B&B have to watch the pageant contestants perform to determine who is the killer. Bored at first, by the end of the pageant, B&B are getting into it. Bones sees one tapper – Haley Ferrell (Jeremy’s little sis) and determines she’s their girl.

Haley confesses that Brianna bribed her with buying an ice cream and then was really mean to her. Haley pushed her, but didn’t mean to push her so hard. Brianna fell and hit her head, etc. etc.

Angela and Hodgins decide to cool it for awhile because she’s afraid that if their relationship goes bad it’ll pull the rest of the group into the negativity.

B&B share a donut and chat. Bones doesn’t understand how people could be so obsessed about looks and Booth makes the comments that no she wouldn’t because she is so “nicely structured.” He notices Cam is making her exit. Cam eyes Booth to get a move on for another rendezvous. Booth is about to leave but decides to stay with Brennan instead and help her finish the report.


Not one of their better shows. I thought it was very predictable. As soon as they said “steel-toed shoes” I thought “tap dancer – gotta be one of the girls and not an adult.”

Again, my olfactory senses go on high alert when I see this show. That storm drain didn’t seem to be that far from the Red Shed store. And apparently Brianna’s disappearance happened in the middle of the day – no one saw Haley drag Brianna 20 feet or so to the storm drain and shove her in it, kicking her into it? No one smelled the rotting corpse for six months? Come on.

Glad they are going to cool it with Hodgins and Angela. Thought that whole park date was so forced. The chemistry is far better with B&B – that or just better acting. Though they will probably build up the tension with them so that they attempt to have a fiery kiss later on because they just can’t control their passion for each other – NOT.

It is a sad state of society when young girls are forced to become pageant queens. Sure, some of the love being in the limelight as the character Kristen Mitchell said, but how many are forced into it by their parents?

What are your thoughts?

-- K. L. Connie Wang


Posted by Connie on November 2, 2006 3:36 PM
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I absilutely agree with this statement:

"Glad they are going to cool it with Hodgins and Angela. Thought that whole park date was so forced. The chemistry is far better with B&B – that or just better acting."

I think it's bothe in the writing and the acting. The swings were so corny and these characters started as too cynical and experienced to sell this ingenue turn.
As for the acting, while I do like them when playing their individual characters alone, when attempting this relationship both actors get stuck in the wrong mode: TJ Thine the blank stare he gives his bugs & slime, Conlin - in spite of the hard to get script mandated attitude, the 'come hither, we've already did it, remember?" mode.
I don't agree with the rest of the objections - I thought that Hodgela aside, it was a nicely dome episode, bith the mystery and the goings on around it.

-- Posted by: Edgeoforever at November 3, 2006 4:06 PM

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