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Bones: Aliens in a Spaceship

See an interview w/ Boreanaz and Deschanel here.

Missed the ep? Catch it here.

Ep starts off with Bones in a dark, cramped spot. She wakes up groggy, not sure where she is. When she tries to get out she realizes that she’s been buried underground, buried alive. A gruff sound in the back causes her to turn and find Hodgins in the back seat with broken legs. She thinks they’ve been caught by The Gravedigger. Who else could it be.

We then flashback 48 hours where B&B show up at a crime scene about five years old. The kids that found it claim it’s a flying saucer with aliens. It turns out to be a beer vat sealed shut with two kids. Upon investigating, they find one body had broken bones and possibly bled to death while the other suffocated. The two victims were twins. Booth enters with a pic of Mattie and Ryan Kent, abducted in 2001.

B&B talk to Asst. U.S. Attorney Kim Kurland (Sallie Richardson from “Eureka”) and ex-agent Pete Sanders. They worked the Kent case in 2001. Since then Sanders quit the bureau and became a drunk. He told the Kents not to pay the ransom, per FBI protocol, and the kids died. The Gravedigger is consistent and doesn’t budge from his demands. Those that paid went free – those that didn’t died. Kurland tells B&B they should talk to Tom Vega, a KNR (Kidnap and Rescue) man and an author/expert on the Gravedigger.

At the lab, Zack finds stun gun marks on one of the vics. Hodgins concludes from the amount of this, that, and the other that the boys were in an underground parking lot, same as the other victims.

B&B talk to the twins’ father. The Gravedigger gave him 24 hours to collect $2 million dollars or the twins would die. Hodgins text messages Bones with a message that the vat only had 12 hours of air. Either the Gravedigger was lying with no intention of returning the kids alive or he miscalculated or he meant only to take one boy, not two.

Angela shows that with the size of the vat, there is no way the injuries sustained by one twin could have occurred while they were in the vat. The amount of blood in the vat would not have come from skeletal injuries either. It looks like Twin #2 was hit with the car the Gravedigger was driving as he tried to kidnap Twin #1.

With that info in hand, Brennan heads out to her karate class. Hodgins wants to tell her something so he chases her out to the parking lot. He sees her crumpled on the ground but before he can get to her, a car comes out of nowhere, running Hodgins down.

Booth and Cam are out at dinner when Booth gets a call from the Gravedigger asking for an $8 million dollar ransom in exchange for the location where he has buried Brennan and Hodgins.

Back at the Jeffersonian, Kurland, Vega, Booth and others discuss their options. Vega suggests doing as the Gravedigger asks or else risk the consequences. Someone wonders aloud why he’s asking for so much this time. It’s revealed that Hodgins is the sole heir to the Cantilever Group.

Booth and the Squints go to the parking lot to see if they can find any clues. They find blood and then they secure the area as a crime scene. Cam sends Zack back to continue investigating the case. Booth leaves to call the Cantilever Group to see if they’ll come up with the ransom money.

Bones and Hodgins are trying to piece together what happened to them. They figure they have about 10 hours of air left. They figure Hodgins was hit by the Gravedigger and drugged up so he wouldn’t remember how he got there. Bones shows all that they have in the car – can they MacGyver something out of all this? Water, pens, laser pointer, broken cell phones and her novel. Hodgins is in pain from being hit by two tons of metal and Bones suggests he might have compartment syndrome and might die from shock. She suggests a little M.A.S.H. action and cuts into his leg to relieve the pressure. Before she does so, Hodgins confesses that he is madly in love with Angela and he bought her a $3000 bottle of perfume just to show her how much (personally, just give me the cash, baby). Before the incision, she pulls a piece of a toll booth sticker from his leg. She cuts into his leg, he passes out.

Zack tells Cam that the injured twin stabbed himself in the neck with a pen, killing himself, giving reason to the presence of all that blood on the floor of the vat. Cam later meets with Booth and finds out the Cantilever Group has a policy of never paying out ransoms without proof of life. Even for the sole heir, as it was Hodgins who created that rule.

Hodgins wakes up to a honking horn. Booth has jerry-rigged the cell phone to the car battery. The voltage is all wrong, but they might be able to get out one text message before the phone eats it. Booth grabs some dirt and gives it to Hodgins. Do your magic, man! He looks at it and determines they are in coal country, which applies to most of Virginia. With reluctance, he uses the perfume as a primer of sorts. Along with the laser pointer and the camera they had in the car he has determined exactly where they are. He knows what message to send. Hodgins texts as Booth honks and a few seconds later the phone shorts out. Did the message get sent? Hopefully.

Booth hears his phone and looks at it. He immediately runs over to the squints and asks them to decipher it. The message reads “6 7 16 M1.4.” But according to them and the big-ass ticking clock behind them, Bones and Hodgins have just run out of air. Booth won’t take no for an answer and has them continue working on. The assumption is that Bones sent it, but the squints think Hodgins sent it. Since Hodgins is into dirt and Angela, the message must be for Angela. Angela says if it were for her, it would have been a line of poetry. They’re numbers so therefore they must be for Zack. It’s not a phone number, it’s not GPS coordinates. Zack looks at it and determines the number correspond with the period table of elements and that M1.4 is a phosphorous level which narrows it down to one area in Virginia.

Back in the car, Hodgins and Booth try to come up with ways to get more oxygen. Hodgins mixes some stuff from Booth’s kit to create a carbon dioxide scrubber which will create oxygen as a by product. It’ll buy them a little more time. Enough time to figure out their last resort. Booth figures she can set a charge from the “explosives” in the airbag. If they’re less than four feet below ground, they can dig their way out. If not, they are toast.

Booth and the gang arrive to the area Zack pinpointed. Booth is looking around – where do they start digging? Everyone is feeling a little distressed as the area is so big until Booth spots a POOF of dust in the ground. He runs down the hill and toward the poof and starts digging, and is able to pull Brennan out. The others quickly follow and pull Hodgins out. Angela kisses Hodgins. He kisses her back, despite being in pain and almost out of air.

Back at the lab, Hodgins is working when Angela arrives. She says she went to visit him at the hospital but he discharged himself. He confesses to her that he can’t sleep because he’s afraid. He’s afraid that when he wakes up he’ll be back in that car again, buried underground. Angela suggests he come home with her so that when he wakes up he’ll see her and know he’s not buried underground.

Booth and Brennan are at a church. Booth is praying to his maker and thanking him while Bones watches. They have a brief and touching conversation about faith and God.


This was a great ep! I love the eps where the characters are in mortal danger like "Two Bodies in a Lab" ep from last year. I actually enjoyed seeing emotion from Hodgins when he broke down and confessed to Angela that he was afraid.

Come on, when are B&B going to kiss? Can they get any closer when they stand/sit next to each other?

The synopsis of the episode online reveals who The Gravedigger is, even though they cut that part out (probably for a later episode. If you want to read it, go here.

What did you think?

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on November 16, 2006 4:27 PM
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Nice recap - and thanks for the spoiler link. I figured it was either that person or the other one - and I was surprised they didn't solve the case I figured they're leaving it open.

Nice touch with the MASH and McGuyver refs!

Great chemistry with B&B - it's a matter of time....

-- Posted by: Sheridan at November 16, 2006 7:37 PM

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