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Bones Fodder

Bones: The Girl in Suite 2103

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Bones and Booth step out of an elevator into a burned/bombed out banquet room. Alex Radziwill (Danny Woodburn), a little person and a State Dept., tells B&B that there was an anti-drug trafficking conference going on when the bomb went off, killing four people. Judge Dolores Ramos from Colombia was the keynote speaker and survived the attack. Cam tells B&B that the explosion came from next door, suspecting drug cartel members for the blast. Brennan is trying to ID one of the bodies when she discovers bone fragments – but where is the rest of the body? They look up and discover a body in the chandelier above.

At the lab, they find out the room next door was emptied for renovations. Through the magic of the Jefferson, the squints determine chandelier victim is a woman, in her 20s, 5’4” and probably a waitress with bleach blonde hair. Angela creates a composite of the bomber.

They discover that chandelier woman is Lisa Winokur, a waitress at the hotel with a penchant for rich men.

Hodgins brings Angela photos from the crime scene. They determine that there was a fire before the explosion and that fire left a silhouette imprint of someone else in the room. The imprint shows the person was close to 6’ feet tall so it can’t be Winokur. Most likely a man.

B&B go to question the hotel staff and the bartender points out the guy that Winokur was with the night of the fire – he’s about six feet tall. They go to confront him, but he tries to run. Booth tries to stop him but a gun is put to his head. He quickly disarms him as Bones stops the suspect. Suspect tells him he is Antonio Ramos and he has diplomatic immunity.

As the question Antonio (who turns out to be Judge Ramos’ son), Bones notices his arm is injured. He tells them that he met Winokur last night and went upstairs for some nookie. Radziwill comes in with Judge Ramos to escort her son out of there when Bones tells him Lisa is dead. He’s shocked to hear that.

Back at the lab, Zack and Hodgins are getting ready to run an experiment, explaining that the explosion came from the fire igniting with the paint chemicals. When the explosion practically blows the room up they quickly come to the conclusion that Winokur was murdered and then the fire was set to cover up the murder. The murderer/arsonist unknowingly caused the explosion.

Cam explains that Lisa was strangled to death with some silk fabric and she had a split in her vertebrae. They found an expensive necklace that Lisa couldn’t possibly afford. They believe Antonio gave it to her, but when Booth tries to track it back to the owner through the bank he finds the number is blocked. On the surveillance tapes, they see Antonio is wearing a silk tie – possibly the murder weapon.

Lisa’s mom tells Bones that Lisa was trying to get preggers from a rich man so she could escape to the right side of the tracks. Booth finds that Lisa was having an affair with Juan, the Judge’s husband. When he dumped her, she seduced the son in hopes to get pregnant. Maybe Juan killed her in a jealous rage?

B&B are waiting for Radziwill to bring Juan in for questioning, but he comes alone. Radziwill tells him Juan is bound for a flight back to Colombia. Booth has Hodgins call the FAA with a threat to stop the plane from departing.

At the lab, Zack tell Cam more about the type of split found in Winokur’s vertebrae, helping to explain the puncture in her lungs. She calls for Brennan and they brainstorm. After viewing the surveillance footage, Bones makes the comment on the judge being 5’9” but why is she as tall as her husband in the video? Pan down to see she is wearing 3” stiletto heels along with a silk scarf. Heels could have made the puncture wound in Winokur’s lung and the silk scarf could have been the murder weapon used to strangle Lisa. Unfortunately, they can’t arrest her because she has diplomatic immunity – only if she waives her right to immunity and why would she do that?

Cam comes up with an idea to bluff the judge, but Brennan is against lying to the suspect to get them to turn. Booth isn’t for it either because it may cause repercussions to American diplomats around the globe.

They bring in the Judge and they are able to convince her to waive diplomatic immunity. With the evidence they have against her, she’ll surely be jailed in Colombia where the Attorney General bears no love for Ramos. One day in jail and she’ll most likely be assassinated there.

Show ends with Hodgins being lead away by men in black for making a that false threat to the FAA.


Glad that people are jumping on the Peter Dinklage bandwagon and giving little actors a chance to act in regular roles. Woodburn, best known for his role as Mickey on Seinfeld, did well in the dramatic role as Radziwill. Though I loved how Bones kept intentionally (and unintentionally) razzing him.

STOP wasting my time on the chemistry experiment gone awry that is Angela and Hodgins. The chemistry there is almost as nonexistent as Richard Gere and Jodie Foster's in Sommersby.

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on October 5, 2006 2:24 PM
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