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Bones: The Truth in the Lye

Ep opens with Booth in bed with... Rebecca, his ex-girlfriend and mom to his son, Parker. After agreeing it was a mistake, Booth takes a call on his home phone. When his cell phone ring, Rebecca answers it. Brennan is on the other line.

Booth meets Brennan at a construction site and tries to downplay his ex-wife's presence at his apartment. Bones blows it off as they enter the wood foundation of a condo to find a “melted” corpse in a bath of household chemicals (can we say, “Ewww...?”) Bones decides to haul the entire tub with all its icky contents back to the lab.

Back at the lab, the squints along with Cam go through the remains of... the remains to try to determine who the victim is. With a little NUMB3RS action, they come to the conclusion that the victim weighed around 165 pounds. Zack sifts through the muck with a pitchfork and pulls up a femur bone and they discover that the victim had a hip replacement, suggesting that the victim was elderly.

Brennan determines the victim was not elderly but suffered from Brittle Bone Disease (Osteogenesis Imperfecta). Wielding this bit of info, Brennan has Angela search medical databases to see who in the area is listed as having the disease. No adult cases were found, but a few children were. Since the disease is hereditary, it seems to reason that one of the kids with BBD is the child of the victim. Booth and Brennan split up and go door-to-door to question the families.

Brennan knocks on the door of Gayle Seaver (Melinda McGraw). After some questioning, Brennan finds out that Gayle hasn’t heard from her husband, Larry, in a couple days. Brennan thinks she’s found her man.

Back at the lab, Angela is having problems reconstructing the face of the victim from the piece of skull bone Brennan was able to retrieve intact from the gelatinous human ooze. Booth comes in claiming he’s found their victim. Confused, Brennan hands Booth a picture of her victim’s family while Booth hands her a picture of the family he found. The husband in both pictures is the same.

In the next scene we find Booth and Brennan questioning Lila Turner (Susan Santiago) about her husband. Lila tells them her husband was an electrician who was out of town on business a lot, but she didn’t mind because what could she do? They couldn’t live on her science teacher salary alone.

Booth shuffles Lila into a waiting room which Bones notes to be the interrogation room. Not tonight. The interrogation room has been “refurbished” to look like a waiting room. Gayle is ushered in next while Booth and Brennan wait to see if the two women know each other. After a few minutes, it appears that the two wives do not know of each other’s existence.

Cam finds evidence of blunt force trauma while Zack makes the note that it was a V-shaped object that caused the blow. Zack also notes that he found tiny copper shards that he believes are pieces of the fixtures on the tub. Hodgins also find a piece of a latex glove under the tub’s stopper. Enough of the glove that they can pull a print from it.

Booth, back at the construction site, tells the developer, Pete, who their John Doe is and Pete is livid as Larry owed him a lot of money. Chloe, Pete’s secretary, is shocked to hear the news.

Booth informs Brennan that Larry had a half million life insurance policy out on the Seaver’s side and a living will on the Turner side giving both wives motive. Back at the FBI, Booth gets prints from both wives and reveals to them that they shared one husband. As an argument ensues between the wives, Booth gets a call eliminating them both from the suspect list.

Earlier, Zack found a small piece of ivory. It’s discovered that the ivory isn’t a chopstick, but a hair ornament marked with two Chinese symbols. Loved Angela’s line here when Hodgins says since she’s half Chinese shouldn’t she know what it says? Her comment being that Hodgins is half Swedish, let’s hear some Swede... Booth recalls that Chloe, Pete’s secretary, wore similar ornaments in her hair. He also notes that the copper bits are birdshot from a gun.

They intercept Chloe at a burger joint. Chloe tells our fearless duo the burgers are so good even she, a vegetarian, can’t pass them up. Bones asks her how long she’s been pregnant because she could tell from her gait. And is Larry the father? Around the corner come both the Seavers and the Turners – what’s going on here?

The wives confess that they met at a park and got to talking and realized their husbands was the same person. They decided to follow him to work, but they followed him right to a motel where Chloe was waiting.

The three were going to confront Larry, but when they showed up to meet him he was already dead, a gun to his mouth. Gayle confesses she buried the gun in their backyard but that Larry must have been distraught over confronting them and killed himself. This doesn’t make sense to Booth. How could the gun still be in his hand when the wives found him if he shot himself? Brennan looks over remains again and comes to the conclusion that Larry was shot after he was dead because there are no traces of blood where the birdshot hit unlike the blunt force trauma to the head which showed many traces of blood.

Cam enters showing them the one tooth found in the remains that did not belong to Larry. Booth recalls Pete telling them he got the call about the corpse in the tub in the middle of a root canal. Booth and Brennan confront Pete who confesses they got into an argument and push actually came to shove. Pete knocked Larry down and Larry hit his head on a junction box (the V-shaped object of our blunt force trauma), but he didn’t fall down hard. Bones tells him with Brittle Bone Disease, it was hard enough.

Back at the Jeffersonian, there’s another forced romantic moment between Hodgins and Angela. We later find Booth and Brennan chatting in her office when Angela enters telling Booth Cam told her he was back with his ex. Booth, irritably, exits for Cam’s office.

We close on the same shot as the opening. Audio of Booth and female laughter. Is he back with Rebecca again. Nope. Brennan? Doubtful. Pan up to the bed to see Cam and Booth postcoital. They agree it was a mistake, but one they don’t mind repeating.

Okay, here are some of my thoughts/comments:

Is Gayle Seaver related to any relation to Mike Seaver? Carol Seaver? I was waiting for Alan Thicke to show up in this ep.

How obvious was it that Lila Turner had something to do with it once she said she was a science teacher?

Why was there a bathtub in the middle of a construction site in the beginning stages of construction? Who put it there? If the wives didn’t kill him and found him dead, why dump him in the tub and put chemicals all over him. I didn’t get that part.

Okay, even back at the Jeffersonian, which one would assume to have this great ventilation system, those remains and any remains they show on the show must STINK and no one cringes their noses? Come on...

Can a construction site secretary really afford real ivory hairpins? Highly unlikely. Chloe's hairpieces would probably have been plastic and wouldn't that have disintegrated in the chemical bath?

FUN TIDBIT: The two Chinese words on the hairpiece said "Beautiful Man" or "Beautiful Person/People".

If Angela was able to find the first Chinese symbol the stick, it would reason to say she would have easily found the second one which is a more common symbol that the first.

Where have I seen Chloe (Keri Lynn Pratt) before? Ah yes, the great but cancelled Jack & Bobby.

FUN FACT: Melinda McGraw who played Gayle Seaver is married to a guy I used to work with at Hamburger Hamlet! She also played Scully's sister on The X-Files.

Not the best episode but the gross factor was totally there. I found myself cringing at the dark red muck that once was Larry and holding my nose even though I don’t have Smell-A-Vision TV. What did you think?

-- by K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on September 28, 2006 12:32 PM
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Love the show. Like your comments. I never thought of the stink factor but you're right. Eeeeew.

Also - I read in some publication in a waiting room - tv guide maybe? - that Hodges is some billionaire. Did they EVER mention that on the show? I never heard a word about it and they don't refer to it. I was surprised. They don't play that at all - Angela sure would be warming to him a lot more dontcha think? She'd be able to devote all her time to her "art".

-- Posted by: Bones Fan at September 30, 2006 10:26 PM

Hi Bones Fan:

Someone else mentioned to me the other day that Hodgins was a billionaire and didn't have to work. I must have missed that episode. Apparently, the did mention it at some point...

-- Posted by: Connie at October 1, 2006 2:06 AM

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