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Bones: The Blonde in the Game

Hello! Welcome to the new BONES blog! I’m your friendly neighborhood blogger, Connie!

Last night’s Bones episode, “The Blonde in the Game,” brought back serial killer Howard Epps (Heath Freeman) who we were intro’d to in the previous season in episode “The Man on Death Row.” In that ep, we find that Epps has played Booth and Brennan to stay his imminent execution.

This ep starts off with Booth and Brennan in the woods amongst some human remains discovered by a jogger and his dog. After the squints examine the remains at the lab, they discover that victim, a teenage female, was buried seven to ten years prior, her wrist and ankles bound and she was buried face down. The M.O. points back to Epps. One of the wrist bones doesn’t match the rest, suggesting there may be another victim elsewhere.

Booth visits Epps who won’t give him any info, but will talk to Brennan. Booth and Brennan go back to talk to Epps and meet Epps’ new wife of four months, Carol, a hairdresser. After getting a clue from Epps, the squints at the lab narrow the search to an abandoned mine shaft. There they find another victim, only a week old, suggesting that Epps has an accomplice.

At first, all signs point to his new wife, Carol, as the new victim was an employee of hers but later investigations find that Carol was working at the time of the latest victim’s abduction.

A necklace on the victim lead the duo to St. Agnes School. When Sister Dunne recognizes the necklace, another possible victim is identified – Helen Majors – who had been missing for the past few days.

Booth sends Angela to talk to Carol Epps and pull on her heartstrings. Carol admits to Angela that she delivered a message from Epps to a man named Henry Gerber. When they knock down the door to Gerber’s residence they find Gerber in a wheelchair – not the accomplice to Epps’ maniacal mind they had hoped he would be.

Epps gives them another clue, leading them to the post office. They find that that the Catholic school and Carol’s salon is on the same route. They find the route belongs to postal worker Gil Lappin, the jogger who “discovered” the first body in the beginning of the ep. Lappin’s house is covered with pictures of young blonde women (part of Epps’ M.O.), but Lappin is nowhere to be found.

When Booth calls Hodgins to give him his best guess at where they might find Helen Majors – Hodgins can’t figure out why two substances would exist together. As Booth puts the pressure on, Hodgins gets even more irate and unable to put the two pieces together – “I can’t just guess. I have a process!” Enter Angela, who calms Hodgins down so he can get from Point A to Point B. When he comes up with an abandoned postal sorting center, Booth and Brennan head to one and find Helen Majors there.

Booth goes in search of Lappin, leaving Brennan with the young girl. Lappin surprises Booth, bringing a tire iron down on his gun hand, overpowering him, but Brennan arrives and shoots Lappin, killing him.

When they confront Epps about why he wanted to play this game, he confesses that it was for his amusement. Didn’t Brennan get a rush from killing Lappin? Now she knew how he felt when he killed.

Later we find Brennan, trying to wrap her head around taking a life, is consoled by Booth.

The ep wasn’t the best that I’ve seen, but that’s partially because of Epps. Personally, I thought the casting of Freeman as Howard Epps to be a wrong choice. His acting is about as stiff as Casper Van Dien’s in Starship Troopers. I know he’s trying to be the charismatic Ted Bundy type serial killer, but he doesn’t pull it off. He just doesn’t do evil well.

I love it that Booth hands Brennan an extra gun of his without her having to ask for it. It shows the progress the two characters have made in their relationship. He feels comfortable enough to give Brennan a gun and knows she’ll watch his back.

I think the budding romance between Hodgins and Angela is a little contrived. The chemistry between the two seems manufactured and fake. I hope they drop that storyline soon.

Shouldn’t Hodgins know by now that his best guess is ten times better than anyone else’s best guess on any day? And how did they know which sorting center to go to? Did I miss it or did they mention that the sorting center they were at was probably the one closest to Lappin’s residence?

Cam (Tamara Taylor) is a good foil for Brennan, much better than boring Dr. Goodman from last season.

What does everyone think of Season 2 so far? Up to par with Season One?

Check out Boreanaz's video blog on the Fox site.

-- by K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on September 21, 2006 1:31 PM
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I agree that the Angela/Hodgekins flirtation feels really forced. But the thing that bugged me most in this episode was the scene where Hodgekins wouldn't guess. It seemed out of character and struck me as just another way to force this would-be relationship on us. "Oh, look! Angela's the only one who can get through to him. It must be serious!" Blech.

On the upside, I do like that they're letting Angela get more involved with people. As Booth said, she's better with the living than the dead.

-- Posted by: LaReina at September 21, 2006 2:27 PM

LaReina, I absolutely agree. I'm glad they are giving Angela more to do than create those 3-D mock-ups of the victim's faces - though I liked the 3-D Christmas tree and snow she (or the computer geeks at production) did for the holiday episode!

-- Posted by: Connie at September 21, 2006 2:31 PM

I hate this Tamara new boss girl, what a waste, if the show wasn't so good it would ruin it for me. She needs to go what were they thinking? Was she supposed to add something to the show? She is just an irritant.

-- Posted by: Dave at October 4, 2006 8:22 PM

Connie, I agreed with most that you had stated, Hopefully the show will get it right this season only time will tell.
The only thing I disagree is with your Casper Van Dien Comment, because Casper did a great job in that film, so good that he will star in SST3, which I am excited to see.

-- Posted by: Keria at October 8, 2006 8:21 PM

I loved this episode.
To answer your question, this season is even better than the first.
I do agree with the forced, out of character Hodgela plot.Hodgins has been capable to think and breathe at the same time on his own in the past. Both Hodgins and Angela are good characters individually - I don' want them mushed down for cheap shipper thrills.

-- Posted by: Edgeoforever at November 5, 2006 4:41 PM

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