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Bionic Woman Episode Reviews

Bionic Woman: Do Not Disturb

All Jaime wants is a vacation with her sister. Too bad a traitorous nuclear engineer and a bunch of ruthless assassins have to ruin it for her.
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Bionic Woman: Trust Issues

Jaime scrambles to save a dictator's life before a sniper can snuff it out.
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Bionic Woman: The List

Jaime and Tom pose as a married couple while on the hunt in Paris for a stolen list of CIA operatives.
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Bionic Woman: The Education of Jaime Sommers

Jaime goes undercover at a college to foil a terrorist plot.
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Bionic Woman: Face Off

Jonas sends Jaime and Antonio to rescue a captured doctor in Paraguay, while Jae captures Sarah and brings her back to the lab.
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Bionic Woman: Sisterhood

Jaime must protect a defense contractor's daughter, while dodging pleas from Sarah Corvis to help save her life.
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Bionic Woman: Paradise Lost

Jaime learns more about her abilities, Jae learns more about Sarah Corvis and Ruth investigates the mystery around Paradise, Idaho.
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Bionic Woman: Second Chances

Jaime Sommers becomes the new Bionic Woman and enters a world she didn't even know existed.
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