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Bionic Woman Fodder

“Bionic Woman” Gets the Bionic Boot

At the table of rejected television shows, “Bionic Woman” now gets to sit alongside other recent casualties like “Jericho” and “Las Vegas.”

Our sister site Filmfodder reports that while NBC hasn’t officially ended the show, “Bionic Woman” is all but scrap metal by now. In an interview with SCI FI Wire, executive producer David Eick declared the show a goner. He goes on to say that “the process was so frustrating” and that the “show never really came to fruition in such a way that I felt like we could make the show well.”

The news isn’t so surprising. As reported last month in The Guardian, once the 100-day writers strike ended, NBC released a list of shows that would return, and “Bionic Woman” was not among them. This is a complete turnaround from the direction the show was heading early last fall. Initially, the show started out of the gate with great ratings, albeit without great reviews from critics. But as the show progressed along its initial eight episode run, it lost millions of viewers. Once the writers strike hit, “Bionic Woman” ran out of episodes and was not renewed for a second season.

It’s only a matter of time before NBC pulls the plug on the cyborg heroine. --Chris Sardelli

Posted by Chris on March 24, 2008 2:23 PM
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This is too bad, I actually enjoyed this show very much. It was well written, tightly plotted, and you just can't say that about many sci-fi shows on major networks. I hope one of the cable networks consider picking it up.

-- Posted by: Andy at March 27, 2008 4:52 PM

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