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Bionic Woman Fodder

Bionic Woman: Trust Issues

As last night’s episode began, Jaime proved that even though she’s bionic, she may not be the best multitasker. While on an assignment to trail a bad guy who’s handing off a mysterious briefcase, she’s was also busy flirting with her new CIA boyfriend Tom over the phone. They make plans to have dinner at her place so Tom can meet Becca, unfortunately she gets so distracted that she misses the hand-off. Quickly realizing her mistake, she hangs up on her new boyfriend and scans the crowd for the bad guy that’s escaping with the case. She runs after him, but it’s too late, he’s already driving away. So, Jaime cranks up her bionic legs to “cheetah” mode and zooms after him. She overtakes him and leaps over the car, bouncing onto the windshield and sending it crashing into a parked car. Jaime checks the guy’s pulse, grabs the case and calls Tom back to finish their conversation. All in a day’s work for a bionic woman.

Back at Wolf Creek, Antonio scolds Jaime for talking to Tom while she was on a stakeout. Turns out he’s been checking up on her, including monitoring her phone calls. Can you say ‘stalker?’ There’s no time to worry about him, though, as Jonas calls them in for a briefing. Apparently, the case she stole contained several special bullets for a high-tech rifle that can fire from over two miles away. The only problem- the rifle is still out there and he has an idea what it’s about to be used for. A tyrant president is due to arrive in the US and there’s good reason to believe whoever has that special rifle is going to take him out. So Jonas assigns Jaime to protect him, because his death on American soil would create too much anti-American sentiment among his people.

Jaime and Antonio head over to the leader’s hotel room, where his advance bodyguards are preparing his suite for him. The head bodyguard (who turns out to be the actor that played Curtis on “24”!!!) and Antonio get into an argument. Antonio clearly doesn’t like the president (his exact words are “he’s a genocidal dictator”), but the bodyguard defends his leader. It gets so heated that Jaime has to break up the fight. But does he thank her for her help? Nope. Instead, he starts yelling at her again about her relationship with Tom. Side note: When did Antonio turn into the Grinch? Do you think his heart is two sizes too small?

Later that day, Becca is busy preparing the perfect dinner for Jaime and her new boyfriend. Once Tom shows up, they all sit down to eat and seem to be having a good time, despite the fact that neither Jaime nor Tom seem to remember their cover stories and can’t answer even one of Becca’s questions the same. I’m not sure what part is more disturbing- the fact that they are supposed to be super-secret spies, or the disappointing realization that these two would be horrible at the Newlywed Game. Fortunately for them, Jaime’s phone rings. It’s Antonio and he tells her the President is coming ahead of schedule, on a small plane that could leave him exposed. Making up an excuse that she has to go sell some time-shares late at night (who does that?!), she bails on dinner, leaving Becca and Tom alone. Before that can get too uncomfortable, the CIA recalls Tom and he has to leave too.

While she’s in the car racing to the airstrip, Jonas calls and tells her the exact same information Antonio just told her. Jonas is surprised to hear that Antonio already knew, since he himself just found out only minutes before. What does this mean? Is Mr. Grey’s Anatomy a double-agent?

Jaime gets to the air strip, locates the sniper with her bionic eye and runs ahead of the sniper’s two bullets, pushing the president out of the way and saving his life just in time. Once they are all safe, Jaime tries desperately to convince the president to leave the country, but he won’t. He says he isn’t afraid to die for his cause. Gee, that’s great.

Suddenly Tom rushes in and is panicked to find out that Jaime just put her life in harm’s away. He’s furious that she isn’t wearing a bullet-proof vest or carrying a gun, and then yells at Antonio for letting one of his agents enter the field unprotected. Antonio yells back, which makes this his fourth fight in this episode so far. Geez, what a bully!

Outside, as Jaime plays CSI, she detects some mysterious-looking burnt rubber and bags it for examination. She then decides to play investigator and asks Antonio how he knew the president was coming before Jonas did. He quickly tells her he has a friend who filled him in. Sounds like a perfectly good excuse to me! No holes in that explanation! Then he tells her a sad story about a woman he lost on a mission, which explains why he’s so down on dating people at work. Then he cracks a smile and admits he was just joking. That’s a real good way to solidify trust with someone who already thinks you are a double-agent.

She goes back to Wolf Creek to have the evidence analyzed, and once she’s gone, Antonio lifts his foot to reveal a sniper bullet he was hiding from her. He goes off in secret to pick the bullet apart, emptying its contents for reasons that still aren’t clear. Maybe he’s going to sell the information to the highest bidder? Or maybe he’s in league with the sniper?

Just as Jaime slips into bed after a hard day of protecting presidents and ticking off her sister, she gets a call from Nathan, the tech guy. The evidence Jaime brought in reveals that the sniper wears a certain brand of sneaker and is staying at a particular hotel, based on the chlorinated water he found on the sample. It turns out, though, Nathan already told Antonio, who wanted to investigate on his own, without Jaime. She gets really suspicious and decides to head over to the apartment building anyway.

As she’s leaving her house, though, she sees a man and woman kissing outside her home. Her bionic ear, however, hears that they are actually tailing her. So she doubles back on them and takes them out, slamming the man to the ground and standing on him, while picking the woman up by her neck. To her surprise, they turn out to be CIA agents sent by Tom! Wow, is he in trouble.

Adding to her suspicion of Antonio, when she gets to the apartment building, she tunes into his phone conversation with someone who may just be the sniper. Convinced he’s a traitor, she fills Jonas in. He trusts her instincts and decides to feed Antonio fake information about where the President will be sitting, just to see if he’s playing them.

In the midst of all this chaos, Tom drops by Jaime’s apartment to explain about the two CIA agents following her. She believes he’s having her followed because she can’t handle herself. The real reason, he says, is that the CIA has to do recon on any person involved with any of their agents. She’s relieved to hear it, but she still can’t quite commit to him.

Later at the racetrack, Jaime and Antonio search for the sniper. But instead of splitting up, Jaime decides to follow Antonio to see what he’s really up to. He figures out she is following him, though, and surprises her with a gun in the face. He’s genuinely shocked that she didn’t trust him and decides to tell her what’s really going on. Turns out the sniper is a woman he once loved. She was his partner on a mission, and he had to leave her behind. He had no idea she was still alive, but apparently she’s now obsessed with killing the president. Feeling that he owes her, he was trying to stop her before she ruined her life.

Realizing that they are both on the same side, and that now no one is protecting the president, they scramble back to save him. With her bionic ear, she hears the sniper rifle and zooms in on where the president is. She leaps up onto the building and crashes through a window, jumping on the president just in time.

Jaime then goes after the sniper. She locates the warehouse where the shooter was aiming from, but as she runs up the stairs she’s suddenly caught between Antonio and the elusive sniper. Before Jaime can do anything, both Antonio and the sniper shoot each other. The sniper drops dead and Antonio is shot in the gut. The paramedics try to help him, but he’s too far gone and dies in Jaime’s arms. Jaime doesn’t know how to handle it and shows up at Tom’s apartment crying. As the episode ends, she tells him she isn’t cut out for this whole super spy thing.

So, let’s recap this week’s episode, shall we: Tom meets Becca, Tom has Jaime followed, Antonio argues with everyone and then he dies, Jaime reconsiders her new job and, oh yeah, Ruth gets a plant. I’m a little worried that the only plot thread they can give to one of their MAIN characters is the acquisition of a bonsai tree. Like I said last week, once the show ditches pretty much everyone but Jaime, Tom and Becca, we’ll be good to go. Other than that, I think the humor has gotten better and the espionage part is more interesting. What did you think? Is the show getting stronger? Do you like the current crop of characters? Post your comments below. There’s no new episode next week, so I’ll see you all in two weeks for more bionic fun. --Chris Sardelli

Posted by Chris on November 15, 2007 3:14 PM
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