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Bionic Woman Fodder

Bionic Woman: The List

Can a bionic super-spy, whose fiancé may have been stalking her and who dropped her in the middle of a crazy world full of terrorists and psychos, ever really find true love? Jaime Sommers sure hopes so. That’s why in last night’s episode of “Bionic Woman” she urgently tried to get Tom, the CIA agent from last episode, to at least call her back.

The story opens in the middle of an exchange between two shadowy groups. One side wants some kind of list, while the mysterious man on the other side is demanding $250,000 in cash and $5 million in bonds. Turns out one of the men asking for the list is an undercover operative from the Berkut Group. They ask for the list, but the man instead shoots them and runs. Jae and Jonas, who have been watching in the wings, rush in to try and catch the escaping criminal, who unfortunately gets away.

Meanwhile, at Jaime’s apartment, Becca is busy scheduling a movie night with her friends, but is more interested in getting the boy of her dreams to stop by. Jaime tries to bond with her little sis by telling her the rules for dealing with boys, and insists that Becca let the boy do the pursuing. Deep down she’s just mad that CIA Agent Tom hasn’t called her back since their first date over a week ago.

Back at Wolf Creek, Jonas briefs Jaime on her newest mission. The man who got away at the beginning of the episode is an arms dealer named Victor Booth. He’s responsible for killing several Berkut Group agents and has a stolen list in his possession that reveals the identities of several CIA and Berkut members. So he orders Jaime and the team to track Victor down in Paris. The first catch- he’s had so much plastic surgery, no one knows exactly what he looks like. The second catch- the CIA wants in on the mission, so Jaime will be saddled with a CIA partner. Jaime decides to turn the situation in her favor and asks if she can team up with Tom. Jonas agrees and soon the whole team, made up of Jae, Ruth, Tom, Jaime and Nathan, is on a plane to Paris and busy working on their strategy.

Nathan, the tech guy, has been hard at work developing a special facial recognition program that works in tandem with Jaime’s bionic eye. All she has to do is get inside the embassy in Paris and focus on the eyes of every man in the place. Apparently, that’s the one part of Victor’s body that hasn’t changed and if they match his eyes to someone at the party, they can follow him to the stolen list. Sounds very Mission: Impossible of them, doesn’t it?

Pretty soon Jaime and Tom are all dressed up and ready to rock the embassy party. When they arrive, Jaime uses her nifty bionic eye to locate several hidden cameras, and then focuses her attention on the men in the room. Which one is Victor? After checking out several guys, she finally focuses on a shady-looking guy sporting a white tuxedo, who Nathan instantly nicknames Colonel Sanders.

The two agents, who are posing as a married American couple, saunter up to the Colonel and introduce themselves. Jaime says her husband is a Picasso expert, which was not part of Tom’s cover. Somehow this man realizes the cover may be a sham and starts quizzing Tom about Picasso paintings. Soon he invites Tom to identify a painting he saw in the basement, to see if it’s a genuine Picasso. Since the man won’t look either of them in the eye, she instantly believes he’s their man and forces Tom to go along with it. They follow him into a wine cellar, which he conveniently locks them into. Now, I know Jaime’s pretty new at this, but shouldn’t a seasoned CIA guy like Tom know better than to let the bad guy shove him in a locked room?

While trapped, you’d think both Jaime and Tom would take advantage of the time to find a way out. Nope, instead they decide to argue with each other like an actual married couple. As they bicker, Tom tries to break the door down to no avail. Jaime finally decides to use her bionic powers and helps Tom bust the door down, but lets him think he did it, since Tom still doesn’t know she’s a Power Ranger.

With the door down, they catch a glimpse of Victor on a security monitor at a guard’s desk. They try to fool the guard by kissing each other and pretending to be a dumb American couple, and then Jaime just knocks the guy out. Do they use the little time they have to search for the bad guy? Nope. They just kiss a little more. Way to go, super agents!

Over in America, at Casa de Bionic, Becca’s friends have all started to arrive, ready to watch movies and party the night away. To her dismay, though, the boy she really likes shows up with another girl! The cad! So Becca decides to do what any angry teenage girl who has just been scorned would do- sulk in the corner. She tires of watching the guy traipse around her apartment with some other girl on his arm, so she leaves, against her friend’s better judgment. She hops in Jaime’s car and starts to speed away, but only gets as far as the curb, which she bumps into. Just her luck though, a police officer sees her and pulls her over. Looks like drinking and driving without a license might not have been the best answer to her boy problem.

Once Jaime and Tom find the bad guy’s room, the two start bickering again. Tom tries to explain why he hasn’t called Jaime. He wants to keep her safe and is worried she could get hurt just by knowing him. She doesn’t want to be treated like she’s weak and tells him she can handle herself. She decided the prove it by bursting through the door and pummeling the first bad guy she can find. Jaime uses her bionic strength to pound her guy, while Tom gets thrown around the room like a rag doll. She can’t concentrate on her new boyfriend, though, because she spots Victor across the room and slams into him, sending the two of them out the window and onto the ground below. The Berkut team rushes to the scene and grabs the two of them. Unlucky for them, the bad guy is just a look-alike that Victor hired to throw them off the trail.

Jaime decides to call Tom’s cell phone to see what happened to him, but Victor answers instead. With a gun to Tom’s head, he tells her it will cost $8 million to get him back. He’ll give her the list for $6 million and Tom for an additional $2 million. One more problem- she only has one hour to get the money.

Jaime calls Jonas and asks for the money. Strangely, he says yes and that he’ll wire it to an account for her. As he hangs up the phone, we suddenly realize he’s at a police station. Turns out, Jaime told Becca to call Jonas if she ever needed something. Nobody knew that “something” would mean bailing her out jail for charges of driving without a license and driving while intoxicated. Wow, I wouldn’t want to be around Jaime when she finds out and starts smashing stuff with her cyber limbs. Yikes.

As Becca and Jonas drive home from the police station, Becca grills him about her sister’s job. She doesn’t believe Jaime really sells timeshares and quizzes Jonas about it. He covers it up pretty well, but Becca still has plenty of questions about her sister. First and foremost, she wants to know why her sister won’t talk about her fiancé that just died. Jonas just plays dumb.

After the hour Victor gave her is up, Jaime walks into the café where they are to make the trade and sees Tom sitting at a table. She sits down and after some awkward conversation, they apologize to each other. He then shows her that he’s wired with a bomb around his waist. Soon Victor sidles up to the table, disguised as a waiter. He hands Jaime a menu, with the list conveniently displayed inside as proof of his end of the trade, but instead of making the hand-off, she smacks him with the money bag. She then sends the money flying into a fan overhead where it drops millions of dollars down onto the patrons of the café, who immediately scramble for the cash.

Nathan then directs her on how to diffuse the bomb. With her boyfriend safe, she takes off after Victor. Jaime leaps ahead, catches up with the bad guy and knocks him unconscious. The Bionic Woman saves the day again.

Jonas soon arrives in Paris and reports that the group has recovered $4 million of the money and has turned Victor over to the CIA. She’s more interested, though, in speaking with Tom and tells him she’s still interested in him. But she puts the ball in his court and says that if he wants to make it work, he needs to call her. And soon.

After her long flight, she finally gets home to find Becca startled that she’s home so early. She immediately suspects the worst, but finds that her little sis was only busy preparing a hot bath for Jaime, complete with candles and a warm towel. The two sisters hug, and everything seems to be right with the world. The only problem- good little Becca was just arrested. Now how is she going to keep that one from her bionic big sis?

What did everyone think of this week’s episode? Personally, I think it was pretty good. The show seems to work a lot better when they drop all the dead weight, i.e. all the supporting characters like quiz-master Ruth, one-note Jae and Mr. YawnFest Isaiah Washington. The plot made sense and had a somewhat logical conclusion. The tone felt a lot like old Mission: Impossible episodes, which works for the format. The writers should definitely amp up the espionage portion of the show, and maybe team Jaime up only with new boyfriend Tom. Post your comments below and I’ll see you all next week for more mechanical mayhem. --Chris Sardelli

Posted by Chris on November 8, 2007 1:40 AM
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