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Bionic Woman: Do Not Disturb

Who knew Antonio Pope had so many friends? That’s the big question as this week’s episode began, as the majority of The Berkut Group’s senior staff met at their local watering hole to toast the late super-spy (Isaiah Washington) who died last episode. Jaime is clearly troubled, but can’t quite bring herself to tell Jonas, a.k.a. The Boss Who Cares. Seriously, is this guy her long lost father or something? He seems to care a little too much to just be her boss.

Later Jonas starts to get the feeling that Jaime has a little pent up aggression about Antonio’s death, as he watches her in the field. While on her latest assignment, she’s ordered to tail a motorcycle-riding bad guy with dreads like the Predator. After catching up to him with her super-speed and dodging bullets from his machine gun, she beats the pulp out of him and screams at him for making her do it. Obviously she needs some time off.

Before she goes home, Jaime calls her new CIA boyfriend Tom just to hear a friendly voice. She leaves him a message about how she can’t lie to her sister anymore. Exasperated and worried, she opens the door to her apartment hoping to sit down and relax. To her surprise, she finds Jonas washing the dishes. He’s worried about her and thinks she’s depressed. He tells Jaime to take some time off and that he’ll send her on vacation. Jaime has her pride, though, and doesn’t want a hand out. Jonas concedes and tells her to make it a working vacation. First she’ll make a drop-off for him, then head to Montana for a week off.

Soon Becca and Jaime are in the car traveling to Montana for a sisters vacation, but Becca wants to know what’s really going on. She’s a smart kid and doesn’t believe Jaime would just go on vacation on a whim. Big sis covers, though, and says she just wants the two of them to bond.

At a rest stop, Jaime promises she’ll hand her cell phone over to Becca for the remainder of the trip, if she can just make one last call. Becca agrees, and Jaime runs off instead to make the drop-off with the briefcase Jonas gave her. She gets in a car with a creepy guy, whose prearranged code word is actually the monologue from “The A-Team.” She hands the briefcase over and runs back to her car.

Once the sisters arrive at the four-star hotel, Jaime and Becca decide to skip the spa treatments and head to the room for TV and dessert. (If you look carefully, the two sisters are watching “Heroes” in their hotel room.) Unbeknownst to Jaime, the creepy guy is staying in the same hotel. He doesn’t last too long, though, as he overdoses on some drugs and dies in his hotel room. I’m sensing this won’t be a relaxing vacation for our Bionic Woman.

Since the guy obviously isn’t answering his phone, Jonas asks Jaime to check in on him. She’s shocked to find his dead body and a syringe hanging out of his arm. From a quick scan of his room, and the gun she finds in his suitcase, she figures out he was an assassin sent to kill someone at the spa. She presses Jonas for information, but all he does is order her to put the body on ice and safeguard the briefcase she had handed over to the guy the night before. Curiosity gets the better of her and she pries open the briefcase to find a picture of a man with sunglasses. She puts it all together and realizes the man in the picture is the target.

Realizing she has to get back to her sister, she hurries downstairs to the hotel restaurant where she finds Becca flirting with a boy she just met named Nick. This happy moment is short lived as Nick’s dad arrives on the scene. His name is Vincent Aldridge and, to Jaime’s surprise, it turns out he’s the guy from the photo. She slips away and calls Jonas, who tells her Vincent is a traitor pretending to be an accountant. He’s actually a nuclear engineer who’s about to hand over nuclear secrets to the North Koreans. Jonas informs Jaime that the guy is out of her league, and he will come to Montana to finish the situation himself.

In the meantime, Jaime has to pretend like nothing is wrong. She accompanies her sister, Nick and Vincent on a gondola ride but blows her cover while talking to the father. She asks him about his accounting job, but forgets that he never told her what he did. She realizes she’s probably been made and Jonas orders her to kill him as soon as she can.

So, Jaime has to pretend to go to the spa with Becca, but as soon as Becca goes in, she tells the spa lady to keep her there until she gets back. That gives her three hours without her sister to try and resolve the situation. She hides in the forest outside Vincent’s hotel room, sniper rifle in hand, but decides she can’t shoot him. Instead she charges his hotel room, kicks his bodyguard’s butts and takes Vincent hostage.

Back in her room, she ties him up and puts him on the phone with Jonas, who offers Vincent a choice: talk or die. Vincent is a smart man; he chooses option “a.” His only condition is they hide him and his son, and only then will he talk. So Jaime decides to get them as far away as possible. As she’s driving them in Vincent’s car, her bionic hearing picks up a beeping noise. She stops the car and ushers everyone out, tearing off a locked back door to free Nick. The three of them run away as the car explodes.

Jaime shocks Vincent and Nick as she selects alternate transportation and rips yet another car door off its hinges. As they’re driving, she thinks they’re being tailed and Jonas tells her to slow down to see if it passes. It does, but she gets the license plate just in case and soon she arrives back at the spa with the father and son. Just then Jonas calls and tells her the car she thought was following her is parked outside. Obviously they were following her, and she needs to get the heck outta Dodge. So she grabs the father and son, taking bad guys out as she goes. She sucker punches one of the guys twice in the gut, knocking him out for the count and makes quick work of the next guy without even making a big scene.

Once outside, the valet whose phone she used earlier starts calling her name. Jonas walks over to the guy and shoots him twice, killing him. At first it seems as if Jonas has a hair-trigger and really hates valets. Turns out the dead guy was yet another assassin and Jonas just saved Jaime’s butt. Soon, both Vincent and Nick are in protective custody.

On the ride back to the spa, Jaime tells Jonas she doesn’t want to lie to her sister anymore. That’s when Jonas reveals that he never told Jaime she couldn’t tell Becca about her situation. There is a downside to telling her, though. If she does reveal the truth about her new cyborg-ninja life, Becca could end up being a target.

The moment of truth finally comes as the two sisters drive home from Montana. Just as we think she’s about to tell Becca everything, she ends up only telling Becca about Antonio’s death. Becca tells her not to hide things from her and that she’ll always be there for her. Guess the truth will have to wait awhile.

What did everyone think of this week’s episode? Personally, I liked the race-against-the-clock vibe, and Jaime sure kicked some butt. And you know that she’ll eventually have to spill the beans about her cyborg-life to her sis. The funniest moments of the episode have to be Ruth confessing she and Antonio were lovers, and Nathan asking Jae to teach him how to fight. My only question, though, is what happened to evil cyborg Sarah Corvis? Post your comments below and I’ll see you all next time for more bionic fun. --Chris Sardelli

Posted by Chris on November 30, 2007 2:35 AM
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