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Bionic Woman: The Education of Jaime Sommers

As this week’s title implies, everyone’s favorite bionic protagonist is going back to college! Well, not really. The Berkut Group, the super-secret agency that gave her those crazy bionic appendages, has actually assigned Jaime to her first real undercover operation. Bledsoe tells her to start practicing her British accent, because she’s going back to school posing as Clarissa, a British transfer student. (How convenient, then, that the actress who plays Jaime is actually a Brit. What a strange coincidence!)

Her assignment, if she chooses to accept it, is to figure out why kidnapped American soldiers are suddenly turning violent once they’re released from captivity. In the beginning of the episode we see one of these altered soldiers go all “Manchurian Candidate” on his fellow troops, picking them off with a machine gun. The cause, according to Bledsoe, is a neural device implanted in their brains by an Al Qaeda terror cell. Once implanted, the soldier’s entire body becomes a terrorist weapon, accessed via remote.

So what does all of this have to do with Jaime going back to college, you may ask? Well, as it turns out, the inventor of the neural doohickeys is a guy named Professor Samuels and Jaime is going to follow him around to see if he’s selling the devices to terrorists. Much to her dismay, though, she actually has to take his neural science classes.

For about three minutes college life is going pretty well for Jaime, even if she doesn’t have a clue what the professor is talking about. Then her cell phone rings during class, which isn’t good for several reasons: a) Samuels is a mean guy who likes to yell at people and b) he puts her on the spot and asks her a question about the brain. Good thing the Teacher’s Assistant likes her, then, because he slips her a piece of paper with the answer on it. And with that, Jaime has her first college crush.

Later on, Jaime and her new roommate go partying and just happen to run into that nice TA from her class, whose name is Tom. Turns out he agrees with Jaime and thinks the professor is a “mean, mean old man,” but that he’s brilliant and will be able to fix conditions like Parkinsons disease.

Now the whole time the two are chatting, Nathan the Lab Tech Guy is watching the transmission from Jaime’s bionic eye on his computer back at Wolf Creek. Nathan, as we’ve seen over the last few episodes, has a huge crush on the Bionic Woman and is none too happy that she’s talking to Tom. So in a fit of jealousy, he switches her bionic ear off so she’ll get the hint to leave and go stake out the professor’s lab.

After a nifty leap onto the roof of the lab, Nathan tells Jaime how to break into the building without setting off the alarms. She jumps inside, finds the lab and locates the contact information she’s been sent to retrieve. But as she sticks around to take a look at Tom’s file, the Professor and his assistant Sean catch her red-handed!

As Samuels escorts her out of the building, he demands to know which pharmaceutical company she is working for and what she was trying to steal. Without missing a beat Jaime tells him she was trying to help by cleaning out the monkey cages, just as someone told her to do. (An obvious lie, which it seems the Professor doesn’t entirely believe.) Meanwhile Tom sees what’s going on and bails her out, saying it was his fault that he left the door open and that Jaime is innocent. The Professor gives her one last warning and stomps away.

Outside Tom asks Jaime what she was really doing in there. She lies, in her perfect British accent might I add, and tells him she needed a copy of the lecture because her notes are unreadable. Somehow he believes this lame excuse and decides to ask her out for dinner. As soon as she says yes, he leans over and kisses her on the cheek. Am I wrong in thinking this relationship has grown a little too close over the last two hours they’ve known each other?

The next day, the two lovebirds share some coffee while they discuss the importance of the professor’s work. Pretty soon, though, they are making out, which is understandable because nothing gets people in the mood to kiss more than a riveting discussion on neuroscience. But the kissing is short-lived, as Antonio strolls up and interrupts them. He introduces himself to Tom as Clarissa’s uncle. When Tom leaves, Antonio tell her he’s really there because they don’t suspect Samuels anymore. Now they suspect Tom.

On her way to meet Tom for dinner, she’s ambushed by a man with a gun. Her super instincts kick in and she beats the guy down, only to find out he’s one of Professor Samuels test subjects. He can’t stop himself and he doesn’t know why. They take him back to the lab, perform a little brain surgery and find the neural device that’s been controlling him. It turns out the chip in his head matches the ones from the soldiers exactly.

So, Jaime goes back to have dinner with Tom, wondering if he was the one who sent the man after her, but she just can’t be sure. That feeling really doesn’t last long, though, as the two of them decide to skip out on dinner and go make out at his place instead. She stops herself, though, and asks him to go buy some champagne. With him gone, she scours his apartment looking for any evidence that he’s the bad guy. Naturally, she looks in his spice drawer and figures the tarragon looks a little out of place. (I mean, what normal person would keep tarragon in a drawer? He must be a terrorist!) So she opens the canister to find a small case full of neural chips. Whoops, looks like Jaime fell for a bad guy!

Meanwhile, Ruth and Antonio have been narrowing down terror suspects that could be involved. They stumble across one who used to take the professor’s class. Hmmm, he plot thickens. Antonio has his doubts that the guy is actually a terrorist, until he listens in to a phone conversation where the guy negotiates to hand over 5,000 neural chips. Antonio follows the guy and finds out he is directly involved in stealing the chips.

After the chips are matched to the ones from Samuels and from the soldiers, Bledsoe orders Jaime to follow Tom. Soon she finds him passing a mysterious document to a student. She grabs the folder expecting to find stolen, classified documents, but instead she finds….a final exam. Tom sees her and rushes back, demanding to know why she’s following him, who she really is and who she works for. Turns out he’s from the CIA and his name is not Tom. To his dismay, he finds out who she really works for and that she’s not really British. Bummer dude.

As the two come to grips with these revelations, Jaime’s super-ear hears the Professor’s assistant Sean selling off the chips! Tom runs off to catch them in the act, while Jaime takes the easy way down- she leaps off a ledge and lands in the middle of the fight. (I’m starting to get the feeling that Jaime loves to leap on things.)

After some butt-kicking, Jaime and Tom take down the terrorists who were about to acquire the stolen neural chips. Sean is about to get away until Jaime launches a cantaloupe at him and hits him square in the head. Mission accomplished!

At the end, Jaime and Tom spend their last night at college together. Why do I get the feeling we haven’t seen the last of CIA Tom? Oh yeah, that’s right, he’s in the preview for the next episode.

So, what did everyone think of this week’s adventure? Did producers cop out by having Michelle Ryan drop her fake American accent for an entire episode? Or do you think the actress just got tired of pretending to be a Yank? Also, did you miss Sarah Corvis? The show’s on a break next week, but remember to be back here in two weeks for more bionic action. --Chris Sardelli

Posted by Chris on October 25, 2007 10:39 PM
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I did not miss Sarah Corvis at all and to be honest, last nights episode was great because she was not in it. the show moved better and it was more focused. I think Michelle Ryan should keep her native tongue because her British accent suits her much better than her american but regardless of it, she's coming into her own with the character.

-- Posted by: Hans at October 25, 2007 11:44 PM

Actually my two favorite parts were:

The accent, it took me about 24 hours for it to pop into my head she was from Jekyll, and then I kinda remembered I heard she was a Brit.

The lack of the "evil Bionic Woman" plot....

-- Posted by: Gary LaPointe at October 26, 2007 12:10 AM

I agree that Michelle Ryan needs to be British pretty much every chance the writers can think of, because Ryan is much more confident and expressive when she's speaking naturally.

I love Sarah Corvus and her relationship to Jaime, but Corvus will only remain scary and intriguing if she is used sparingly, for crucial episodes.

-- Posted by: Will at October 26, 2007 2:45 AM

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