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Bionic Woman Fodder

Get Ready for the “Bionic Woman” Premiere

For all you sci-fi fanatics, action junkies, “Buffy” lovers and “Alias” obsessors, the time has come for something new. That’s right, “Bionic Woman” premieres tonight at 9 on NBC. So, to get you up-to-date, here’s Four Things You Need to Know Before You Watch:

4. What’s out: cheesy slow-motion effects, the disco era and pretty much everything from the original series. What’s in: A sleek, new update that ditches the old “My parachute malfunctioned while I was sky-diving” premise from Lindsay Wagner’s old show and replaces it with a more realistic approach. Brand new Bionic Woman Jaime Sommers gains her new abilities after suffering catastrophic injuries in a car wreck. Lucky for Jaime, her scientist boyfriend just happens to work for an ultra-secret military project that upgrades soldiers with robotic body parts. The result: Jaime reluctantly becomes a government super agent. Don’t you just hate when that happens?

3. “Woman” Executive Producer David Eick has extensive experience updating old shows from the ‘70s- he also helms the futuristic cult-fave “Battlestar Galactica.” And judging by fans and critics who applaud that show’s dense storylines and appealing characters, “Bionic” could be this year’s surprise hit.

2. Lead actress Michelle Ryan, 23, plays a student/bartender who’s already up to her neck in responsibility, trying to balance work, school, her boyfriend and her teenage sister (played by Lucy Hale). Wondering where you’ve seen Ryan before? Well, unless you’re British, you probably haven’t. Ryan made her mark on the BBC soap opera “East Enders.”

1. Got villains? “Bionic” sure does. Unlike its predecessor, this show will feature plenty of bad guys, ranging from shadowy government agents to all-out cybernetic crazies. Miguel Ferrer, previously of NBC’s “Crossing Jordan,” plays an intimidating government agent who leads the group that altered Jaime. Also around to cause trouble is another bionic woman, played by “Battlestar” actress Katee Sackhoff, who will tussle with Jaime on a regular basis.

So, how excited are you for tonight’s premiere? Leave your comments below, and also make sure to check out the recap of the premiere tomorrow on the Bionic Woman Fodder blog. –Chris Sardelli

Posted by Chris on September 26, 2007 5:00 PM
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Yes. I looking forward to watching. I used to watch the original Bionic Woman with Lindsey Wagner when I was pregnant with my daughter. In fact, I liked her name on the show so much, that I named my daughter Jaime.

-- Posted by: Victoria Henderso at September 26, 2007 7:47 PM

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