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Biggest Loser News

"Biggest Loser" Trainer Has Web Show

Bob Harper has landed a deal for a series of 5-minute workouts on the web.
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Biggest Loser Fodder on Vacation

No weigh-ins for us this holiday...
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"The Biggest Loser" Gets 5th Season

After only two weeks of two-hour episodes, NBC has decided to give the weight-loss challenge a fifth season.
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"Biggest Loser" Trainers Blogging Tonight

Bob and Kim will be on-hand (well, online) after tonight's season premiere.
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Caroline Rhea Replaced on "Biggest Loser"

After three seasons of hosting the weight-loss competition, the comedian is being bumped for "Days" star Alison Sweeney.
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Live Blogging for "The Biggest Loser" Finale!

Join in the festivities as TV Fodder blogs live during the show's big 2-hour finale!
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