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Biggest Loser Fodder

The Biggest Loser: It Ain't Easy Being Green

409.jpgIn honor of Green Week, the teams were repackaged once again, and put into duos.

To choose the teams, each of the contestants had to figure out how many calories were in a large meat pizza and a biggie soda. For future reference, it's 3,253. Nicole won the power and picked Neil as her partner.

The other teams are:
• Ryan & Isabeau
• Julie & Bill
• Hollie & Bryan
• Kae & Amy

Each of the new teams donned green shirts in honor of Green Week (did you see the little green NBC logo in the corner?). The episode was also filled with ways to go green.

Also, in an effort to conserve, contestants were cut off from the electronic exercise equipment. Bob took the gang hiking (his favorite!), Kim had Bryan work out on a dead treadmill, and Jillian was having her crew pump weights. I know Bob's group was outside, but did the others get air conditioning?

Plug o' the week: Jennie-O turkey.

The challenge included mounds of waste to signify what the contestants had eaten in the past; this included a truckload of empty soda cans. The challenge asked the contestants to recycle a lifetime's worth of cans in a matter of minutes. I hope for all of their sakes, those things were washed out. Bill and Julie each walked away with a new Ford Hybrid SUV.

Did the winning duo take off with this week's weigh-in? Here are the results:

Name Starting Weight Current Weight This Week's Loss Total Loss

Neil 421 321 -18 -100

Nicole 279 229 -6 -50

Total: -24 pounds, 4.18%

Name Starting Weight Current Weight This Week's Loss Total Loss

Ryan 374 302 -6 -72

Isabeau 298 246 -9 -52

Total: -15 pounds, 2.66%

Name Starting Weight Current Weight This Week's Loss Total Loss

Kae 225 163 -5 -62

Amy 297 245 -9 -52

Total: -14 pounds, 3.32%

Name Starting Weight Current Weight This Week's Loss Total Loss

Bill 334 242 -9 -92

Julie 218 180 -6 -38

Total: -15 pounds, 3.43%

Name Starting Weight Current Weight This Week's Loss Total Loss

Bryan 346 278 -11 -68

Hollie 255 212 -6 -43

Total: -17 pounds, 3.35%

In honor of Green Week, you'd think NBC could have saved us a few extra minutes of our lives by not showing like seven commercial breaks during the weigh-in portion of the program. That was completely insane, obvious and annoying.

While I'm ranting, here are a few other notes:
• What's up with the contestants always being interviewed in front of food?
• Why is everything so dramatic that it needs to go to commercial? This episode could be seven minutes long!
• Allison's hair at the weigh-in was too "Little House on the Prairie."
• Did this seem like the longest episode of the entire season??

Ryan and Isabeau were probably happy to have the extra time; they were below the yellow line this week. How sad is it that SIX pounds is a bad week?

Isabeau was convinced that there was a target on her back. She couldn't have been more wrong; Ryan was the one sent packing. The biggest shocker was that the final vote came from Neil and Nicole, his buddies. I guess that's honorable. Personally, I would have preferred the dishonorable discharge. See you next week. -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by on November 6, 2007 10:02 PM
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