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Biggest Loser Fodder

The Biggest Loser: 24-Hour Fitness

410.jpgThe game has changed again: Now it's every man (or woman) for him or herself.

Bob thinks Neil has been playing that way since day one. He's not exactly wrong. Kae, Bryan and Bill might be wise to get with that same program; they are the show's biggest threats.

Amy added to team tension (yet again!) by trying to return her red shirt. Kim talked her into keeping it. Maybe she was blinded by her rock-hard abs.

Tonight's temptation had more donuts than I've ever seen in my life. I am not a big donut fan, but how can you not enjoy a large mound of pastry? Inside one of the donuts was a token for five grand. That's some serious sweetness. The contestants didn't have to find the token with their faces, but they did need to eat one donut for every round they wanted to stick their fists into those creamy treats. Everyone but Kae chose to participate. She is such a stickler!

No one found the magic donut in round 1. For round 2, Nicole opted to sit out with Kae. The way everyone was mauling those donuts, it was not surprising that people didn't find the token. For round 3, the time was unlimited. That wasn't enough to entice Julie; she sat out with the others. Bill was the winner. Maybe he will put gold rims on the car he won last week.

The challenge asked the 9 contestants to do an indoor triathlon. First up, was a 20km race on the bikes; Kae, Nicole, Bill, Hollie, Bryan and Neil all made it to the treadmill portion. Kae, Bill and Hollie took the treadmills. The last leg was 1km in the pool. Hollie was a swim coach -- she was also the winner.

As possibly the best prize yet: Hollie was allowed to go home for 24 hours and also got immunity for the week. She also won the power to pick another contestant to get the same prize. She chose Julie.

Plug o' the week: Subway got a nice mention during Julie's visit.

One catch about the challenge: If either Hollie or Julie gained weight this week, their immunity would be gone. Was that the case? Here are this week's results:

Name Starting Weight Current Weight This Week's Loss Total Loss

Neil 421 311 -10 -110

Nicole 279 222 -7 -57

Isabeau 298 241 -5 -57

Kae 225 159 -4 -66

Amy 297 242 -3 -55

Bill 334 234 -8 -100

Julie 218 180 -0 -38

Bryan 346 276 -2 -70

Hollie 255 212 -0 -43

Both Hollie and Julie didn't lose weight -- but they didn't gain either. They still had the immunity. Amy and Bryan were both knocked below the yellow line.

Poor B... he's a big threat and a singleton. However, Amy is a big pain in the ass, and even some of her own team thinks so. Apparently, Bryan is a very popular guy -- at least with Isabeau. She was the final vote that kicked Amy to the curb. Of course, Amy went down bitching. Her family reunion was sweet and her family is really cute, but I am happy that mess is over. See you next week. -- Rachel Cericola

Photo: © 2007 NBC/Trae Patton

Posted by on November 13, 2007 11:33 PM
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