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Biggest Loser Fodder

The Biggest Loser: 2 Teams are Better Than 3

408.jpgSorry I missed last week... Kae probably isn't sorry. She got kicked off. Now there are seven players left.

The remaining contestants might envy Kae. This week, they were asked to reminisce about challenges past -- and the viewing audience was asked to choose which one the current contestants had to participate in. The challenges were:

• 74 flights of stairs (season 1)
• Never-ending jump rope (season 2)
• Poles over water (season 3)
• The endless escalator (season 4)

If I had to choose, I'd probably take the jump rope. However, we audience members are sadistic, so the contestants had to hang onto the poles. They also got a special howdy and a resort invite (for the challenge winner) from tennis star Andre Agassi. Thanks for the plug, Andre!

Despite much heckling, Bill won the challenge. To celebrate, all of the kids jumped in the water. Well, Nicole dove in -- and chipped her front teeth. Everyone was laughing it up, and even Bob said Nicole looked like some of his relatives in Tennessee. That was kind of funny, but I really felt bad for her!

Each of the contestants also got props from the doctor about how much weight they’ve lost. But how much did they lose this week? Here are the results:

Name Starting Weight Current Weight This Week's Loss Total Loss

Neil 421 298 -5 -123

Nicole 279 212 -6 -67

Isabeau 298 230 -4 -68

Bill 334 222 -6 -112

Julie 218 171 -5 -47

Bryan 346 266 -4 -80

Hollie 255 201 -3 -54

Bryan and Hollie fell below the yellow line. Once again, the fate of the Red Team had fallen on B's shoulders. I really like B, but I sort of wanted to set him free -- Kim pressures him so badly. Maybe that's why he has such a hard time losing weight.

Apparently the other contestants wanted to put B out of his misery as well. He was clipped -- and so was the Red Team. It was sad, but did you see him today? Looks like he didn't need Kim after all. See you next week. -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by on November 27, 2007 9:40 PM
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