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Biggest Loser Fodder

The Biggest Loser: 3 Votes Are Better Than 1

408.jpgSo last week Neil drank two gallons of water to gain 17 pounds. This week, the floodgates opened. Everyone hates him, hates the game, blah, blah, blah. Like Denis Leary says, "Life sucks, get a f-ing helmet," ok?

Kae almost went home because of all of the shenanigans. I love Kae, but cry me a river. In fact, Neil's antics seemed to be a big excuse for everyone to get lazy this week.

To distract us from Neil-gate, Amy confessed that she also threw last week's weigh-in. Apparently Neil is an evil overlord who convinced Amy that her team would throw her under the bus, so she needed to throw her weigh-in and come to the dark side.

Dark side, indeed. After all, she brought out the "nice" Jillian.

Bob punished Neil for some of us. I sort of looked at it as him getting extra-special training this week. How is that a punishment in this game?

This week's challenge was all about endurance. Each team had to hold their team's weight or drop into the water. Ryan, Nicole and Bryan won. Their prize? A mystery box that said if those three can stay above the yellow line during this week's weigh-in, they will get three votes at elimination, instead of the usual one per trio.

Product plug o' the week: It wasn't milk, it was Ziploc Zip n' Steam. Guess that does the body better...

Team #1

Name Starting Weight Current Weight This Week's Loss Total Loss

Kae 225 168 -6 -57

David 368 312 -3 -56

Hollie 255 218 -5 -37

Total: -14 pounds, 1.97%

Team #2

Name Starting Weight Current Weight This Week's Loss Total Loss

Amy 297 254 -11 -43

Julie 218 186 -6 -32

Bill 334 251 -10 -83

Total: -27 pounds, 3.76%

Team #3

Name Starting Weight Current Weight This Week's Loss Total Loss

Bryan 346 289 -8 -57

Nicole 279 235 -9 -44

Ryan 374 308 -13 -66

Total: -30 pounds, 3.48%

Team #4

Name Starting Weight Current Weight This Week's Loss Total Loss

Neil 421 339 -33 -82

Isabeau 298 255 0 -43

Total: -33 pounds, 5.26%

David, Kae and Hollie fell below the yellow line. Bryan, Nicole and Ryan got to keep their prize from the week's challenge.

Once again, Jillian thought there was a conspiracy against the Black Team. Is anyone else sick of that song? It's almost as annoying as Amy's little rants and crying outbursts. Too bad they couldn't vote her off anyway.

Alas, it was David that got the axe. I don't think that many people were teary. He didn't have one of the biggest personalities on the show. However, I really felt for the old cowboy; he was still one of the biggest people on the show, and needed to be there. Someone else that might be sad: Kim. He was one of her two remaining pupils. No one should feel bad though -- did anyone else see how hot David's wife is? See you next week. -- Rachel Cericola

Photo: © 2007 NBC/Trae Patton

Posted by on October 30, 2007 9:46 PM
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